Although “Crysta” came to our clinic, she was intent on having an abortion that very day. Believing her pregnancy was not very far along, she knew an abortion wouldn’t be difficult or expensive to attain.

An ultrasound confirmed Crysta was just six weeks pregnant… early enough in the pregnancy to get an abortion without anyone knowing. But then she thought about her previous abortion. While talking with our Care Coordinator, Crysta revealed that she’d had an abortion five years earlier. And she’s regretted that decision every day of her life since. She didn’t want to go through that again; but with no job and very little money, how could she parent?

Our team came up with a plan to provide Crysta with an employment resource and help her learn how to manage her finances. Crysta began to think that maybe an abortion wasn’t the answer.

A few weeks later, after staying in communication with our staff, Crysta returned to the clinic for another ultrasound. This time she had the baby’s father by her side. And the ultrasound revealed that Crysta and her boyfriend were expecting twins!

Their hearts softened almost immediately.

“God would strike me dead if I aborted these babies,” Crysta joked in spite of her tears. Her boyfriend agreed. “God is giving me a chance at a new family.” They both cried tears of joy.

We worked with Crysta to help her find permanent employment, so she could help provide for her children. With her boyfriend by her side and our clinic team equipping her with the resources she needed, Crysta grew excited about becoming a mom. Abortion was now off the table, and this little family was committed to LIFE. The cycle of death had been broken.