When “Dara” first visited our women’s care clinic in Raleigh, her morning sickness was so debilitating that she believed abortion was her only option. She could barely care for her three other children or make it through the workday due to her nausea and vomiting. Dara visited our clinic for an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy, but she remained firm in her resolve to get an abortion.

Dara had undergone previous abortions and didn’t want to have another. However, her extreme pregnancy symptoms convinced Dara that ending this pregnancy—and her baby’s life—was the only answer.

Our staff worked with a partnering OB/GYN to get Dara an antinausea prescription called in to Dara’s pharmacy, and it was ready within 24 hours. When we followed up with her later that week, she reported that she was taking the medication… and it was working! Dara was relieved. She chose life for her child and began receiving prenatal care from a physician.

Our clinic staff continued to walk alongside Dara and connected her with generous donors who supplied her with the baby items and supplies she needed to welcome a new baby. Three days after her son was born, she brought her baby boy to meet our staff. Instead of feeling the grief of an abortion decision, Dara experienced the excitement and joy of choosing LIFE.