“Erin” came to our clinic tired and overwhelmed. With an autistic child at home and no medical insurance to help pay for his special needs, she was convinced that another child was out of the question. But the pregnancy test came back positive, leaving Erin hopeless and in despair. How could she possibly care for another child when she and her son were already struggling?

Our Care Coordinator spent time with Erin, lovingly talking through her options. Yes, Erin wanted an abortion, but she was open to other options as well. If she could get health insurance, then maybe she’d consider having her baby.

So our Care Coordinator got to work helping Erin procure affordable health insurance, along with other resources that would help her parent well. Once Erin realized she had an army of supporters behind her who were helping provide practical solutions and unconditional care, choosing life did not seem so daunting.

And when she saw her child’s heart beating on the ultrasound monitor, Erin’s decision was cemented in her own heart… she would choose life.

Thank you for giving generously so we could provide resources to help Erin manage another child and face the challenges that may come her way. Please keep Erin and her two children in your prayers, as she faces the challenges of being a single mom.