Yesterday we were elated to find out that, just after one month of operations, a child was saved from abortion due to our collective efforts and the Human Coalition project.

In Texas, a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant saw our online ad, clicked to our outreach site, and was connected to her local pro-life crisis pregnancy clinic. The counselor at the center spoke with her and invited her into the center to have an appointment and a sonogram.

Due to our efforts and the expert counseling at the pregnancy center, this woman (who was completly abortion-minded before she had her appointment) has decided to carry the baby to term and then give the child up for adoption.

We rejoice that, in just a few short weeks, this outreach has already participated in saving the life of a child. It makes the entire year of planning, paperwork, and set-up completely worthwhile.

I look forward to sharing many, many more stories just like this one with you.

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