What does a struggling young couple with two toddlers and no housing do when they discover they’re unexpectedly pregnant? For “Anna” and her husband, the answer seemed clear—get an abortion.

They’d recently packed what little they owned into their small sedan and relocated to Pittsburgh to live with relatives. Her husband had no job, no money, and no health insurance. They loved their children, but Anna and her husband couldn’t grasp how they could afford another child.

But before they paid hundreds of dollars for an abortion, they visited our women’s care clinic to determine how far along the pregnancy was. Anna suspected she was six weeks pregnant but was shocked to learn that her baby boy was 16½ weeks along! Upon seeing her baby on the ultrasound monitor, she became visibly shaken…how could she abort her baby boy?

But she and her husband had agreed they could not afford a baby.

That’s when our Continuum of Care Coordinator stepped in to assist Anna and her husband. A continuum of care program was developed for them, which included housing resources, food assistance, help obtaining health insurance, and even access to employment opportunities. And when Anna needed to go to the welfare office, our Continuum of Care Coordinator went along. She spent hours waiting with Anna to ensure that she left with what she and her family needed to get back on their feet.

Speaking about that long day spent in the waiting room of the welfare office, the Continuum of Care Coordinator said, “The time we spent in the waiting room wasn’t wasted on sitting and anticipating. Instead, we took the time to get to know each other, form a relationship, and build trust. I learned about her family history, how she grew up, her family values, and her hopes and dreams.”

Leaving the office with all her benefits and a plan for her future in place, Anna said, “I cannot believe we got all of that done. Just think, I never would have done this by myself; but because of this, I get to buy food for my family.”

Our staff continued to follow up with Anna and her husband. We helped them prepare for job interviews, which led to Anna securing full-time employment. Within two weeks, we were able to help usher them from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of hope, simply by equipping them with the compassion and tangible mercies they needed to parent.

That’s the mission of Human Coalition: to provide holistic and compassionate care for women and families facing unplanned pregnancies, so they find the courage and confidence to choose life for their children. And none of it would happen without the support of our donors.

As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, we count on donations from supporters like you to help women like Anna realize the joy of motherhood. Thank you for giving to Human Coalition and helping us serve families with compassion and mercy so they can choose LIFE for their children.