After our clinic sonographer performed an ultrasound and confirmed her pregnancy, “Iliana” was visibly shaken. She asked to speak with our caregiver. And during that conversation, she shared how her boyfriend of two years did not want the baby. With a 2-year-old at home and no job, Iliana struggled to imagine how she’d be able to care and provide for a newborn.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our staff was able to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual care for Iliana in the midst of her confusion and fear. We connected her with trusted community partners who could provide food, clothing, and housing assistance for her family. We helped her start a job search, and we worked to help Iliana get medical assistance so she and her preborn child could obtain prenatal care.

Once Iliana realized that our staff would walk alongside her throughout her unplanned pregnancy—and on into parenthood—she was excited to welcome her baby. She admitted, “All life is important,” and told us she could never go through with an abortion. Iliana even decided to break up with her boyfriend if he didn’t support her choice to parent.

Thankfully, that never happened. Once he saw how our clinic was willing to help Iliana and their baby, he agreed that life was the only option.

Today, Iliana and her boyfriend are the proud parents of a baby boy, and he couldn’t be more enamored with his son. They stop by our clinic often, visiting with our caregivers, picking up supplies of diapers and wipes, and thanking our staff for all of their support.

On behalf of Iliana and her boyfriend, I want to thank you for financially and prayerfully supporting the work of Human Coalition in DFW, so we could give this precious couple the resources they needed to choose life.

Even as you’re reading this email, chances are that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is getting ready to make an appointment with our clinic. You can stand in the gap for her preborn child by making a generous donation that will help her choose life.

Thank you for standing for LIFE by giving to Human Coalition here in DFW.