Ivy was unable to get to our women’s care clinic, so we sent our women’s mobile clinic to her. Ivy was set on getting an abortion even though she’d suffered from the lingering effects of a prior abortion – including an infection. She didn’t want to go through that again, but what choice did she have?

Although she’d been clean for four months now, Ivy had a history of drug abuse. She was in between jobs, which made her housing situation unstable. Her current life circumstances did not seem conducive to having a baby.

However, Ivy was open to talking with our Care Coordinator, who offered several solutions to help Ivy overcome the obstacles that might prevent her from choosing life for her child. Our team helped Ivy obtain medical assistance and affordable housing, as well as providing her with other resources.

Knowing our team was supporting her, Ivy made the choice to parent her child. Today, she is the mother of a beautiful baby girl named “Daphne.”

Though Ivy still faces many challenges, she knows our women’s care clinic will walk with her throughout her parenting journey.

Thank you for supporting Human Coalition, enabling us to provide the life-giving resources to rescue children like Daphne and support moms like Ivy.