“Jenny” and “Steve” were split over whether or not Jenny should abort. She argued it was not the right time for a child, but Steve insisted, “God will make a way. I love my kids — all my kids.” Recently unemployed and with three mouths to feed at home, it didn’t seem feasible to Jenny.

Jenny entered the Grapevine Women’s Care Clinic and was greeted by a caregiver who listened to her story and focused on the positives. The nurse then shared with Jenny the potential struggles that could accompany abortion and pointed her to resources in her community to help with emergency rent or more affordable housing. The nurse also followed up with Jenny many times after she left the clinic.

Steve eventually landed a part-time job, and they moved into a smaller apartment that allowed them to get back on their feet. Jenny credits the clinic staff with giving her the courage to keep going through this most difficult period of her life. Jenny welcomed her baby girl with joy. And when she returned to the clinic to get free diapers and wipes, she said she’d tell any woman contemplating abortion: “God will make a way. He has a purpose for every pregnancy.”