When “Jayla” learned she was pregnant, she’d been sleeping on her mother’s couch and working part-time at a local restaurant. She came to our women’s care clinic after searching online for information on abortion. While meeting with a member of our staff for the first time, Jayla said, “I don’t believe I’m in a position to bring someone into this world.”

Life for Jayla was unpredictable. Although she’d gone to school to become a medical assistant, she never completed the certification exam. On top of her economic insecurity, Jayla had recently ended her relationship with the baby’s father. All her struggles seemed to cast a shadow over the promise of new life.

Then we gave Jayla an ultrasound. That’s when she saw the sac, the baby, and the tiny heartbeat. Something in Jayla’s heart changed at that moment. “I can do this,” Jayla told our technician. “Maybe it would motivate me to get my stuff together. There’s a life in there – even seeing the sac makes me emotional.”

Today, Jayla is the proud mother of baby “Levi,” and the baby’s father is involved in his life. Although she still lives with her mom, Jayla’s life is heading in the right direction. As part of our Continuum of Care program, Jayla has access to the resources she needs to rebuild her life, including the finances to pay for her medical assistant certification.

Looking at her future as a single mom, Jayla now feels the promise of new life that was missing just a few months ago. “Levi motivates me,” she laughs.

Thank you for helping to provide life-affirming care to women like Jayla. Because of your generosity, thousands of women now experience the joy of motherhood.