Just five years ago, “Tasha” made herself a promise: she would never allow herself to get pregnant again. Although she admits her firstborn brings so much joy and love to the family, the pregnancy had nearly destroyed Tasha both emotionally and physically. “I experienced serious health issues that made that pregnancy extremely challenging,” Tasha shares, thinking back on those long nine months.

So when a recent pregnancy test revealed that Tasha was three months pregnant, she was overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. “My anxiety about my health was definitely a concern,” Tasha recalls. But that wasn’t the only fear that gripped her heart: “I was also at a difficult place in my relationship with the father of my baby.”

Scared by the thought of going through another pregnancy, especially without the support of her partner, Tasha sought help in the one place she knew was confidential, discreet and anonymous: the Internet.

When a search result for “abortion help” allowed Human Coalition to connect Tasha with a nearby clinic, Tasha didn’t hesitate. “I called and got the address and put it in my GPS. And then I drove there.” Tasha arrived at a life-affirming pregnancy center, where the welcoming warmth and compassion of the staff drew her in. “I had a confirmation test and ultrasound that verified my pregnancy. I was also counseled about all of the options available to me.”

Leaving the life-affirming pregnancy center still feeling uncertain about her decision, Tasha used her GPS to locate another clinic in her area. Surprisingly enough, Tasha drove to what she thought was a different address on her map, and arrived at the same life-affirming pregnancy center.

Just like what she’d experienced at her first visit, the staff welcomed Tasha, spoke encouragement into her situation, and continued to talk with her about LIFE.

As days passed and Tasha continued to vacillate between choosing LIFE and abortion, she decided she would visit one last clinic. Not recognizing the address that popped up, Tasha followed her GPS’s directions only to arrive back at the front desk of the same life-affirming pregnancy center a third time.

“I decided then that God was trying to tell me something,” Tasha says.

Once again the staff listened as Tasha discussed her fears and trepidation about facing another difficult pregnancy. But as they discussed her options, Tasha’s fears began to wane.

This time, instead of dreading a difficult pregnancy, Tasha felt empowered and equipped to take on the challenge, thanks to the encouragement and care she received at her local life-affirming pregnancy center. “The journey was indeed a challenging one because the health issues were once again present during this pregnancy. However, the reward arrived on September 11, in the form of a beautiful baby girl.”

To this day, Tasha credits Human Coalition and the amazing life-affirming pregnancy center workers for helping to save her youngest daughter, Bethany. Human Coalition helped guide Tasha to a local life-affirming pregnancy center, where she was loved and cared for on three separate occasions. The center’s staff and I decided that my GPS was a ‘God Positioning System.’”

Similar scenarios — like Tasha and Bethany’s — are repeated thousands of times every day in America. A woman searches the Internet about abortion, but Human Coalition, often the first contact she finds, helps guide her to a local life-affirming pregnancy center where she receives the compassionate care she needs to make a fully informed decision regarding her pregnancy.

In Tasha’s case, Human Coalition was able to connect with her before she made her final decision. This powerfully illustrates the depth of our Internet marketing strategies to reach the abortion-determined, which are made possible by our faithful financial supporters.

Today, Tasha celebrates the life of her sweet baby, Bethany, and gives thanks to God, the life-affirming pregnancy center, and Human Coalition for helping her make the best decision. “God is in control and He does know best.” Holding her baby tight, she adds, “I can’t imagine my life without either one of my beautiful girls.”

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