“Lisa’s” Story

A mom of one, “Lisa” had just graduated from high school when she discovered she was pregnant again. She’d planned to become a dental hygienist and get married. However, with her fiancé out of work, a second child was an unwanted financial struggle.

Lisa struggled with pain from a past abortion

When Lisa came into our women’s care clinic, she was very emotional. She told her nurse that she’d struggled with depression and guilt after an abortion some years earlier, and she no longer believed it was the right thing to do. She also believed this baby could be a blessing from God, and both her parents and future in-laws wanted another grandchild. However, she felt a lot of financial pressure since her fiancé was out of work. She feared they wouldn’t be able to afford a second child.

They prayed together

Lisa’s nurse prayed with and encouraged her. Then she performed a free ultrasound. However, it was too early in the pregnancy to determine whether or not the pregnancy was viable. So the nurse encouraged Lisa to wait on making any decisions and come back to the clinic for a second ultrasound in a few weeks. Lisa agreed.

She returned with her fiancé

Several weeks later, Lisa returned to our clinic with her fiancé for a second ultrasound. When the couple saw their baby girl on the monitor, they knew they couldn’t abort, saying, “We did this before, and we can do it again.” Before they left that day, the couple prayed with their nurse and committed to continue the pregnancy.

Last fall, the couple welcomed their beautiful little girl into the world. Lisa said it was such a precious moment that even her fiancé cried. Lisa continues to keep in touch with our clinic staff, sharing pictures of their little girl.

Christ-centered care

It’s through your ongoing support that Lisa and her fiancée felt supported and loved enough to choose life for her baby. Thank you for giving so generously to our mission of serving families and rescuing children from abortion. On behalf of Lisa, her fiancé, future in-laws, and parents, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women and their families. We truly appreciate you!