When “Jenny” visited our women’s care clinic, she was angry at God and determined to get an abortion. She rejected the opportunity to discuss her faith or God’s plan for her life, but we did discuss how our clinic could support her. And in the midst of her hurt and confusion, Jenny found the courage to choose life for her child.

We immediately assigned Jenny a mentor who’d meet with her weekly to discuss practical issues such as parenting, budgeting, and other life skills that would be essential for Jenny and “Cam,” the baby’s father, to thrive as parents. Through this long-term mentoring relationship, our staff served as the hands and feet of Christ, which eventually tore down the walls Jenny had built and opened her heart to God’s love.

Our relationship with Jenny did not end once her daughter “Cammy” was born. We continued to walk with her, witnessing not only her marriage to Cam, but also the moment she accepted Christ as her Savior. Since then, Jenny has written a book, The Hole Story, and is in full-time ministry speaking to and teaching women.

Jenny recently told us about the impact those weekly meetings had on her life:

My weekly mentoring was probably the best part of my time with you guys. We learned things about parenting that opened up honest conversations between Cam and myself as to how we would raise Cammy. But what helped the most was the fact that I had a safe place to vent, to cry, and to be angry. No matter what I threw at you guys, you came back with love. You reminded me often of the love of God; shared your stories and experiences with me; and let me know that no matter what I did, I was loved.

It was your consistency in our life, which at that point was quite chaotic, that helped us. Yes, the clothes, diapers, bottles, and other items were a great help and kept us from feeling like we were financially overwhelmed after she was born. But the phone calls and the smiles when we met were the things that kept me coming back. 

When I think back on my time, I remember sitting on that couch, looking at you, and wondering how in the world you could care about me at all… It never felt like you were just doing your job; you actually cared about me. It was a new experience in my life to have someone care about how I was doing or what I needed, instead of how I could help them and what I could do for them.

While Jenny learned so much from our staff, we, in turn, learned much from her as well—particularly the best way to come alongside a woman facing a crisis pregnancy and help equip her for the journey ahead.

Jenny’s story exemplifies our vision for every person who walks into our clinic. We desire to provide women and families with nonjudgmental love and compassion, and to walk with them throughout their pregnancy, offering practical mercies that will help them thrive in parenthood.

Our clinic is owned and operated by Human Coalition, a nonprofit organization committed to rescuing children and serving families in key markets across the country, including Raleigh. Human Coalition provides our marketing, data analysis, and organizational infrastructure, freeing up our clinic staff to provide compassionate, long-term care for women and families in our community.

By standing with our women’s care clinic, you provide the resources to help women like Jenny, impacting her life and the lives of her children for eternity! I can’t think of a more worthwhile mission, and I am grateful to have your financial and prayerful support.