“Lynette” visited Human Coalition – Atlanta after a home pregnancy test revealed she was pregnant… again. With two young children at home, Lynette felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Though her boyfriend was excited about the baby, Lynette doubted his salary could support another child. Determined to abort, she called our clinic to inquire about the cost of the procedure.

Without judgment or condemnation, our counselor met with Lynette and listened to her concerns. In order to confirm the pregnancy, we gave Lynette an ultrasound where she met her baby for the first time. The beating heart and wiggling body unsettled Lynette. She left the clinic feeling undecided about how to move forward.

Our staff continued to follow up with Lynette, encouraging and reminding her that she was not alone. After several weeks, Lynette texted to let us know she’d chosen life for her child. And a few months later, she gave birth to baby “Matthew” who was healthy and strong.

We are grateful to our family of donors, volunteers, and praying partners who enabled us to extend care and compassion to Lynette when she needed it most. Because of your sacrifice and generosity, Baby Matthew is alive and Lynette’s family has remained intact.