Matt Chandler (lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, and a member of Human Coalition’s Advisory Board) has made it an annual tradition to deliver at least one sermon articulating what the Bible says about the sanctity of life. Every January, while many of us turn our attention to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., Matt stands in front of his church in Texas, and delivers a passionate sermon on why Christians should be pro-life and what it looks like to live out this conviction. A few of Matt’s sermons have been so hard-hitting that they’ve gone viral on YouTube in a matter of days.

But to Maggie and her boyfriend Arthur, Matt Chandler and his commitment to preaching about the sanctity of life were virtually unknown. So when the young couple attended The Village Church for the first time and heard Matt challenge the church to think biblically about LIFE, Maggie and Arthur were convinced God was speaking directly to them.

When asked how she was feeling as Matt delivered his message on LIFE, Maggie says that she knew it was more than just coincidence.

Just one day earlier, Maggie had learned she was pregnant. Like millions of women facing an unplanned pregnancy, she searched online for help. When one of Human Coalition’s ads popped up on Maggie’s screen, she called our Contact Center and made an appointment with Human Coalition – Dallas/Fort Worth. That night, while lying in bed and worrying, Maggie prayed God would give her a clear sign about what she should do. The next day, she and Arthur visited The Village Church, and Matt delivered his convicting message.

God answered Maggie’s prayer through Matt’s words.

When Maggie visited our women’s care clinic, she admitted that even though she was certain God had spoken to her that Sunday, she didn’t feel capable of parenting. With no family living nearby and no means to support herself, she questioned how she could raise a baby.

Human Coalition has employed trained Care Coordinators to equip women in crisis with the resources they need to help them choose life and parent well. With our groundbreaking Continuum of Care program, we’re able to serve our clients throughout their time of crisis and for years to come, ensuring they have what they need to parent their child(ren).

Human Coalition Life DecisionLooking back on that first appointment, Maggie says our team showed her so much compassion and love that we made it nearly impossible for her not to choose life.

When asked how she withstood the anxiety of an unexpected pregnancy, Maggie answered. “Knowing I’d be able to hold my baby was what helped me get through it all.”

Last year, Maggie and Arthur got married and started growing together in their walk with God. Today, they are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named Aviana, which means “God hears.” Aviana received both the blessing of life and the joy of being raised in a two-parent home!

This story exemplifies the powerful influence a father can have over the fate of his child. Time and again we see that when the father advocates for the life of his child, the mother is more likely to choose LIFE. In Maggie’s case, just knowing that she had Arthur’s support and dedication, gave her the strength and courage to give their baby a chance at life.

Please lift up Maggie, Arthur, and Aviana in your prayers, as they continue their journey together.