It had been just six months since she’d given birth to a baby boy. So when “Brandy’s” pregnancy test came back positive, she was stunned. And her longtime boyfriend “Ryan” was shocked as well. Since Brandy was unemployed and Ryan had been laid off from his manufacturing job, the young couple agreed that now was not the time to welcome another child. That’s when Brandy turned to the Internet to search for a local abortion clinic. Fortunately, before she called Planned Parenthood, Human Coalition connected with Brandy and guided her to a life-affirming pregnancy center in her neighborhood.

Feeling anxious and scared, Brandy and Ryan walked through the doors of the pregnancy center fully determined to proceed with an abortion. However, there was much they didn’t understand about the procedure. So they spent some time with a nurse at the center. She educated them about abortion, how it’s performed, its intrinsic risks, and the possible long-term consequences. Brandy and Ryan winced as the nurse used words like dismember, suction, and dispose.
Brandy and Ryan’s thoughts quickly turned to their six-month-old boy. He was just beginning to sit up and hold a bottle on his own. And although he couldn’t talk yet, his smile lit up the room, and his eyes were full of love for his mommy and daddy. They couldn’t imagine making such a tragic decision for their second child.

Realizing that her six-month-old was once as helpless and small as the child within her womb, Brandy covered her mouth with her hand and began shaking her head. She was horrified that they’d seriously considered aborting their child. Brandy only had to look at Ryan and, without her saying a word, he understood: They could not abort their child!

Five months later, Brandy gave birth to their second son, “Jediah” — a sweet, energetic boy with a full head of hair. After their initial visit to the life-affirming pregnancy center, Ryan found a full-time position that provides the family with more income. As a result, Brandy is able to stay home with their two little blessings.

During a recent visit with the staff at the life-affirming pregnancy center, Brandy and Ryan showed off their newborn baby and visited with the nurse who’d helped them choose life. It was a precious reunion as the nurse saw firsthand the joy that this baby boy brought to Brandy and Ryan’s lives. “We are so blessed to be a part of this sweet family’s story,” the nurse said with tears in her eyes.

Every month in our nation, approximately 2 million Internet searches are conducted for abortion-related terms. That’s roughly 70,000 Internet searches every day! The fact is, women like Brandy aren’t turning to their friends, family, or pastors for help — they’re turning to the Internet, a place where their secrets are safe and no one has to know.

Statistics show that most women facing crisis pregnancies will make a decision to abort within the first 24 hours after they discover they’re pregnant. So in order to turn hearts and minds toward LIFE, we must reach these women while they’re searching for answers on the Internet…beforethey make contact with an abortion clinic.

When you give to Human Coalition, you help us connect with abortion-minded women and men in their deepest time of need. Through your generous donations, we can compassionately share with them the truth about life and the potential of their unborn children.

Because Human Coalition methodically follows each pregnant woman down the pathway of care, we’ve been able to calculate that it takes just $265 to help rescue one baby from abortion. That’s less than $1 per day each year to give life to an innocent baby.

Please support Human Coalition — both prayerfully and financially — to reach more abortion-determined women and men with the truth about LIFE in the womb.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are grateful to serve in this ministry alongside you!