“Neala” came to the women’s care clinic looking for information on abortion. Already a single mom to several children, Neala was behind on her bills and overwhelmed with life. After being homeless for a time, she was living temporarily with family when she discovered she was pregnant again.

Thoughts flooded her already anxious heart and mind: What am I going to do? How can I take care of another child? I’m not making it now. With each thought, tensions rose as Neala imagined her family’s reaction to her pregnancy. Life was already beyond hard. Feeling she had no options, Neala began to believe abortion was her only option. Thankfully, however, she chose to reach out to our women’s care clinic for help.


At the clinic, our care coordinator shared with Neala about the resources available to help her prepare for another child. She also told Neala that she could help her put together a plan to find a full-time job and permanent housing for herself, the baby, and her other children. While Neala was grateful for all the help, she still felt overwhelmed by the financial stress and the responsibility of caring for her other children.

During her appointment, our clinic staff gave Neala a free 3D ultrasound. She was able to see her baby – already growing and moving nonstop! Neala was even able to see her baby’s face, complete with a smile! To her surprise, she discovered she was much farther along in her pregnancy than she thought.

As she watched her precious little baby and saw his or her sweet face on the ultrasound monitor, she knew she couldn’t abort. So instead, she chose life.


It’s through your ongoing support that Neala felt supported and loved enough to choose life for her child. On behalf of Neala and her sweet baby, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, compassionate care to at-risk women. We truly appreciate you!