The true story below happened a week ago. Human Coalition works with five pregnancy centers in different parts of the country. Our partner center in Pittsburgh, PA has had a dramatic impact on its community for decades. They were kind enough to share how Human Coalition sent an abortion-minded family to them and how, by God’s grace, an unborn life was saved.

On February 2nd, the mother of a 15 year-old girl went online and began searching for a nearby abortion facility. The reason? Her daughter had just told her she had taken a pregnancy test.

It was positive.

The mother was upset and began to search immediately for a quick way to fix “the problem.”

As she searched for an abortion facility online, Human Coalition targeted her and presented a link which encouraged her to call her local pro-life pregnancy center instead of an abortion facility.

This mother did call and told the pregnancy center that the entire family agreed that her daughter’s pregnancy was not in the plans. They just could not have this baby.

However, the counselor at our partner pro-life center talked to the mother about the importance of verifying the pregnancy and considering all options. She agreed to bring her daughter in for an appointment and a sonogram at 8PM that same evening.

That night they showed up for the appointment and sonogram.

Upon seeing her 10 week-old child growing inside her, the daughter exclaimed, “No one is going to make me kill my baby!”

Such conviction and courage from a 15 year-old girl is rare and inspiring.

The counselors at our partner pro-life center met with the girl’s parents as well, showed them the sonogram of their grandchild, and talked to them about Life.

They, too, were convinced of the life and value of the baby and agreed to help their daughter raise the child or talk about the possibility of adoption.

The power of a sonogram cannot be understated. To hear a heartbeat, to wonder at the movement of arms, hands, fingers, and toes, and to make the unseen seen is a dramatic event for a mother-to-be and her family.

There over 6 million Internet searches for abortion-related information every month in the United States. The Internet is the primary place people go to find an abortion provider.

Human Coalition exists for one reason: to save innocent lives from abortion. We target people who have already revealed online they are looking for an abortion and connect them with a sonogram appointment at their local pro-life pregnancy resource center.

“No one is going to make me kill my baby!” May that be the cry of every abortion-minded woman and man we successfully connect to a pro-life center.

We work with five pro-life centers right now. Imagine if we can expand to 50? 100? 500?

You can make that happen. How many lives would you like to save?