“Noelia” initially decided to have an abortion after self-diagnosing that her baby was incompatible for life. She visited our women’s care clinic with her husband by her side. Noelia met with the caregiver and explained how all the research she’d done on the Internet about the stomach pains indicated there was something wrong with the baby.  Equally concerned about the baby’s health, Noelia’s husband agreed that abortion would be the best option.

During their session, the nurse encouraged the newly married couple to get a medical opinion from an OB/GYN (instead of the internet) before taking any irreversible steps.  The husband objected, stating that it would be cheaper to pay for an abortion than it would to pay out of pocket for a prenatal doctor’s visit.  That’s when the nurse informed them about the Texas State Benefits available to help them get the prenatal care they needed.

After meeting with our caregiver, Noelia had her free limited ultrasound she saw her 14-week-old baby for the first time. “Unbelievable,” her husband uttered as the couple stared in shock at the screen.  They were, again, encouraged to seek an opinion from an OB/GYN regarding the health of the baby. It was clear that the sight of their strong, squirmy baby softened their hearts toward life.  By the time they left our clinic that day, they had been educated about the resources available to them.  Choosing life now seemed like the best option.

Once Noelia and her husband were able to procure Perinatal CHIP, they visited an OB/GYN who proved the Internet wrong. Their little girl was as healthy as could be.  Abortion was no longer an option, and this husband and wife now embraced their new roles of mom and dad.