“Nola” came to our Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic after a home pregnancy test revealed she was pregnant. Again. With a young child at home, no job, and no financial support from the child’s father, Nola believed abortion was the only solution.

During her appointment with a member of our trained staff, Nola shared her dreams of finishing school and pursuing a career. She’d already put those dreams on hold for her first child; and now just when she thought she could reach for them again, the pregnancy test came back positive.

Nola received a free ultrasound, which showed she was much earlier in her pregnancy than she thought. So she would need an additional ultrasound to obtain a pregnancy confirmation. Our staff scheduled a follow-up ultrasound at our mobile clinic, thereby alleviating the stress and difficulty of obtaining transportation to her next appointment.

During that subsequent ultrasound, Nola and her boyfriend noticed how the baby had grown from just a small dot on the screen to a peanut-sized baby with a strong heartbeat. However, they still weren’t sure they were ready to parent another child.

Throughout this season of waiting, our staff kept in touch with Nola, encouraging and reminding her that we would be here for her.

After several weeks, Nola and her boyfriend excitedly announced they would parent their child.

Nola’s boyfriend is now employed and able to help financially. Meanwhile, Nola has not given up on achieving her dreams one day. Together, the family of four is moving forward with hope and resilience.

THANK YOU for supporting Nola and her family!