“Rose” was in a desperate situation.

She was in an abusive relationship. She was raising three children. And she was living in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

Then, she found out she was pregnant with another child.

At first, her abuser’s family was on her side. They wanted to be her support system, even though she wanted to end the relationship with her abuser.

But that all changed when the abuse escalated even further.

One day as Rose was leaving work, he showed up and began shooting at her car. He was arrested, and she soon decided that she must press charges. At that point, his family turned on her, and she was left with no one.

Now without a support system, struggling with the fallout of the violent relationship, and trying to raise three children by herself, Rose couldn’t see how she would be able to handle another child. She determined her only option was to get an abortion.

As she was searching for more information, thankfully, she found Human Coalition. And she discovered that she could get real help and real solutions to the challenges she faced.

Rose Needed Long-Term Support

Right from the beginning, it was clear that Rose would need extra assistance and long-term support to ensure she would have all the resources available to recover from the domestic violence and care for her children.

She was quickly connected to Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care team to begin working on a customized care plan to meet her needs, as well as the needs of her three other children.

Rose applied for short-term disability to give her time to work through her severe anxiety, and the Continuum of Care team connected her to additional resources for emotional support. Moreover, the team provided Rose with material assistance to help make ends meet and get through the immediate aftermath of the abuse she had endured.

During that time, something changed for Rose. She realized that she could bring another child into the world and be a strong mom for all her kids. She realized that she would have the team at Human Coalition beside her for the long haul. And she realized that she couldn’t bear the thought of aborting her child.

Ultimately, Rose chose life for her and became determined to work hard at building a good life for her family.

Giving Birth During the Pandemic

After choosing life for her child, Rose started picking up the pieces and turning her life around.

With the support of the Continuum of Care team, Rose went back to work full time and started saving money so she could take a comfortable maternity leave to spend extra time with her family.

Her children also became an incredible support system for their mom, even helping her design and set up the nursery in preparation for their new brother.

However, just months before giving birth, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States. Despite the challenges that came with the pandemic, Rose continued forward on her path to bring her fourth child into the world.

When it came time to give birth, Rose bravely went through labor alone, and she was excited to finally meet her new baby, “Nathan.”

Today, Rose and her children are thriving together and continue to stay in touch with the Continuum of Care team.

Your Giving Helps Moms Like Rose

Rose’s story of domestic violence and abuse is tragic, and unfortunately, it is a story that has become all too common.

The reality is that domestic violence runs rampant throughout the United States. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, an average of more than 1 in 3 woman and 1 in 4 men in America will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime – either from current or former spouses or dating partners. That abuse could take the form of rape, physical violence, stalking, or psychological abuse.

It’s disturbing to consider how prevalent domestic violence has become in our society. It’s a horrific affront to human dignity. And it further demonstrates the far-reaching effects of the corrupt culture in America.

Some studies show that this issue could become even worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, as stay-at-home orders have led to increased stress and more time at home.

However, as Christians, we know that the injustice of domestic violence does not justify abortion. In fact, nothing justifies taking the life of an innocent child. That’s why we have a responsibility to reach out to and support pregnant moms who are in these difficult circumstances. And show them the love and hope of Christ.

Thanks to YOUR giving, pregnant moms who are victims of domestic violence, like Rose, have a place to share their story. They have a place to receive the help and hope they so desperately need to choose life their child – even in the midst of incredible adversity.

Thank you for caring for moms like Rose and their families!

If you want to rescue even more moms and children from abortion during these unusual times, learn how you can get involved here: www.humancoalition.org/get-involved/.