“Sally” was no stranger to abortion. Only 10 months had passed since she’d walked into a Planned Parenthood facility to terminate her pregnancy. And as hard as she tried, Sally could not suppress the sad memory of her discarded child.

Now she was pregnant again. Thinking she had nowhere else to go, Sally went back to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. Despite the fact that her 16-week-old baby appeared healthy, Sally was told she would either miscarry or face complications. The devastating news left her confused and afraid. She went home and searched online for someone to talk to. That’s when she found Human Coalition.

Sally arrived at our women’s care clinic in tears. She admittedly needed counseling and someone to “help her decide what to do.” Her boyfriend had been pushing her to get an abortion, using “every manipulative means possible.” Although they were also business partners, he threatened to kick her out of their house if she chose to have the baby.

We provided Sally with what she needed the most in that moment: love, understanding, compassion, and spiritual guidance. When she left the clinic that day, she was still unsure about she should do. But she felt encouraged to make her feelings known to her boyfriend.

Thanks to the caregiving and education she received from our women’s care clinic, Sally was able to convince her boyfriend that parenting would be the most beneficial choice for her and the baby.

Our team continued to walk alongside Sally and her boyfriend throughout their pregnancy, providing whatever they needed to prepare for parenthood. Today, they are the parents of a beautiful baby boy, and the baby’s father tells us he’s so happy Sally had the courage to choose LIFE.