Let me introduce you to Brandon, who was rescued just one day before he was to be aborted.

Brandon’s mother, Lori, (both fictional names) was looking for a solution. She was searching the Internet because she thought she was pregnant but needed to be sure. She had already scheduled an appointment to abort Brandon at Planned Parenthood the following day, but needed to get a pregnancy test first.

Lori was looking for work but was currently unemployed. The father of the baby did not want her to abort Brandon, but Lori wasn’t sure the relationship with the father was going to work out.

Human Coalition encouraged her to contact her local Pennsylvania pregnancy center to confirm the pregnancy and talk about ALL of her options.

Lori chose to come in to the pregnancy resource center, talk to a counselor, and have an ultrasound done to confirm the pregnancy.

She and the counselor talked about Lori’s situation, the baby, the future, and the ramifications of her options. Lori told the counselor she had already had one abortion and started to cry. The abortion had been horrible and she was still suffering from the emotional and psychological pain of it.

Lori agreed to have an ultrasound and saw Brandon’s beating heart.

Remembering the pain of her previous abortion and seeing Brandon’s fingers and toes, Lori realized she could not abort this baby. She thanked her new friend at the pregnancy center over and over again, came back two weeks later for another ultrasound, and then returned a few months later for parenting classes.

Lori gave birth to Brandon shortly thereafter and brought him back to the pregnancy center to show him off. And what a show he gave!

This beautiful baby boy was just one day from being aborted in the womb. Because of Human Coalition and the heroic work of the pregnancy center, we instead have the joy of watching Brandon grow into a fine young man.

Do you know why Brandon’s life was spared? You. Your prayers and financial support of Human Coalition are the reason Brandon is alive today.

And you can help us save more Brandons. Just $365 can save the life of an unborn child.

Will you donate today to save an unborn baby?