“Sheryl” works hard in her road construction job to provide for her two children. When she learned she was pregnant at the same time her boyfriend lost his job, Sheryl believed she had no option but to abort. Finances were already tight, and a new child would only make them tighter.

When she came to our women’s care clinic for her first appointment, Sheryl was very soft-spoken and timid. It was obvious the idea of getting an abortion weighed heavily on her heart.

During the free ultrasound we provided for her, Sheryl met her baby for the first time. There on the monitor in black-and-white pixels was her approximately 13-week-old baby. Seeing her child for the first time prompted Sheryl to say, “Seeing this baby makes me smile.”

Since choosing life for her little girl, Sheryl has visited our clinic to pick up baby items that will alleviate the financial cost of having another child. As the source of a steady stream of blessings for Sheryl, our clinic staff will continue to walk alongside her throughout her pregnancy and assist her in her parenting journey.