“Suri” couldn’t believe it when her home pregnancy test was positive. She did not want to be pregnant. While she loved her children, it was hard enough providing for her small family now. So adding another child was out of the question. Suri began searching for abortion information and actively seeking to abort.

Thankfully, she decided to call Human Coalition’s national Contact Center. A call agent set up an appointment for Suri at one of our women’s care clinics that same day. While at her appointment, Suri shared with her counselor that she struggled to make ends meet. Having another child could further hinder her ability to provide for the children she already had.

She Didn’t See a Way to Provide

The counselor compassionately listened to Suri’s concerns, encouraging her and letting her know about all the help available to her. Still feeling uncertain about her decision, Suri agreed to come back for an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy.

Unexpected News

When Suri returned to the women’s care clinic, she couldn’t believe it. The ultrasound revealed two tiny heartbeats! She was pregnant with twins! Our staff counselors once again affirmed that there were resources available to her, but Suri left that appointment still struggling to come to terms with the news of twins.

However, as our staff continued reaching out to Suri, her anxiety and fears began to disappear, and she decided to keep her babies.

Sadly, a few weeks later, she called to tell the staff she’d lost one of the twins. Suri was heartbroken. Her counselor grieved with her and continued to follow up with her as Suri fought to save her other baby.

Finally, Suri welcomed a healthy baby boy, “Braden.”

Compassionate Care and Practical Needs

It’s through ongoing support that Suri felt loved enough to choose life for her baby. On behalf of Suri and Braden, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women. We truly appreciate you!