“Trinity” didn’t know what to expect when she walked through the doors of our women’s care clinic. It had been over a year since her husband died, and although the couple had tried to have kids, they’d never been able to get pregnant. But Trinity wasn’t alone. She’d since met another man with kids of his own, and the little family was happy even though financial woes continually dodged them.

But all of that changed when Trinity discovered she was pregnant. Suddenly those financial challenges seemed insurmountable and her pregnancy became a crisis. Neither Trinity nor her boyfriend could imagine supporting another child, but after seeing the ultrasound of their preborn child, they couldn’t imagine aborting either.

When their Care Coordinator suggested adoption, both agreed that would be the best choice. Trinity told us that even though she wasn’t ready to be a parent again, she really wanted her child to have a chance at life. Our team developed a plan that included an open adoption so Trinity and her boyfriend could continue to be a part of their child’s life.

It was as if a ton of bricks had been lifted from the couple’s shoulders, knowing their preborn child would not be punished for their lack of ability to provide. Once again, our staff helped a mom and dad make the best choice for them and their baby. Once again, life won.