Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Brian Fisher

Chairman & President

Shannon Cagnina

Chief Operating Officer / Executive, Mary Crowley Cancer Research

Tim Kachuriak

Founder, Next After LLC

Jonathan Pitts

Executive Director
The Urban Alternative

Mike Tobias

President, CGO Partners

Featured Appearances

“Ain’t I a Woman?”

Sojourner Truth’s Life Repudiates Planned Parenthood’s Agenda

It’s Women’s History Month, yet another opportunity for abortion advocates to promote their cause by hijacking the legacy of God-fearing women. Planned Parenthood—whose use of the #blacklivesmatter hashtag raised more than a few eyebrows—decided to raise their irony quotient by tweeting a tribute to Sojourner Truth as a “former slave, abolitionist, women’s rights advocate.” Now […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Agrees: Black Lives Matter

The recent grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri has launched a swarm of protests across the nation, declaring with signs and social media hashtags that #BlackLivesMatter. The tragic death of Michael Brown reminds us how many young men like him die far before their time. Ironically, Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion provider—was one of the […]

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Family Talk

THE CHOICE I MADE: A POST-ABORTIVE MAN LOOKS BACK - Countless times over the years, I’ve thought to myself, “If only I could go back and do things differently.” And that’s why nearly two decades later, I’m writing this letter to my 20-something self...

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Defending Life Forum

Gateway Church ~ Grand Prairie Campus

Brian Fisher delivers a message calling on the men in the church to lead in the mission to end abortion.

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