Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


I’ll Take on Planned Parenthood by Rescuing the Next Child Today

With summer in full swing, Planned Parenthood is pushing moms to take the abortion pill – and the results are deadly for children.

The abortion pill makes up 54% of all abortions in America today. Its use will likely rise more when major pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid soon begin to dispense the pill. I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in abortions happening across America on the corner of happy and healthy.

Even in states that have outright banned abortion, children remain in immediate, life-threatening danger. That’s because the abortion pill is being illegally sent by mail across state lines, nationwide.

What these children and their moms need is for you to share #TruthAndLove right now.

Most moms facing a crisis pregnancy feel completely overwhelmed. Their pregnancy is just one of many challenges that makes choosing life seem impossible.

Planned Parenthood takes advantage of these vulnerable moms in order to get to their child. They lie to them. They exploit their situation for profit. And they kill their babies in the womb.

Mom with her baby resting on her shoulder

But moms should never be preyed upon – and especially during a moment of crisis.

What every preborn child needs is for their mom to receive #TruthAndLove. And that’s exactly what you can provide the next mom seeking abortion today.

By giving right now, you can rescue the next child from abortion. Because you can share the TRUTH that abortion isn’t the only option with the next mom seeking one and provide her with lifesaving LOVE and care.

As you reach her with #TruthAndLove, you will rescue her child from a painful death by abortion.

But a critical deadline is quickly approaching as Human Coalition’s fiscal year is coming to an end. While children remain in immediate, life-threatening danger, budgets are tighter as the fiscal year is closing. And I’d hate to have to pull back on rescuing children in the days ahead.

Goal: $413,800


That’s why I need your help to raise the $413,800 that’s needed by June 30, so that the rescue effort will continue to run at full speed in the new year.

Will you give today and take on Planned Parenthood by rescuing the next baby from abortion?

It only takes $26 to connect the next mom seeking abortion to our national contact center. So, you can reach her today with #TruthAndLove and truly make a lifesaving impact.

Your gift will empower her to say “YES” to parenting her child. And that means you have the power to rescue her child from being killed today.

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Will you give right now to save the next baby from Planned Parenthood — before it’s too late?