Kelly’s Story

Kelly was full of despair when she entered our women’s care clinic. Even though Wiley wanted her to have the baby, she continued to think, How can we welcome another child into our family when we can barely afford our current situation? But our staff was committed to helping Kelly and Wiley overcome the obstacles before them.


Untold Stories

We believe we will see the end of abortion in our day.


Church Outreach

Gospel-centric, positive culture change occurs through the influence of the church.


Continuum of Care

Human Coalition is committed to the child and family even after the crisis has passed.


Abby Chose Abortion

Abby was afraid of losing the things she had built for herself; she was afraid of the truth.


Lola’s Story

When we met "Lola," she was scared, not ready to be a mom. She felt like a disappointment and wanted to pursue having an abortion.


Robin’s Story

This is a story that needs to be shared time and time again. Please help us preserve this story and spread the joy Robin found in choosing life.


Jen’s Story

Like thousands of women every month, Jennifer searched the Internet for abortion-related information. Her Search led her to a life-affirming pregnancy center operated by Human Coalition...


The Martin’s Story

With more than 100 staff members, the Human Coalition team comes from various backgrounds, religions, and ethnic groups. But we all have one thing in common: We are passionately and unapologetically pro-life, and we have dedicated our lives to rescuing babies and families from abortion. We also believe it’s important to periodically remind our supporters and friends why we do what we do.


DeAnn’s Story

DeAnn’s story is a powerful reminder of how your gift helps save lives. That beautiful 6 pound 4 ounce baby boy is alive today because people like you chose to give to Human Coalition.


Cherri’s story

When Cherri was confused and desperate, Human Coalition was there to help. We passionately strive to be there for all women and men as they make decisions about their unplanned pregnancy.


Abby’s Story

A 19-year-old woman (I’ll call her Abby) went online in PA searching for an abortion provider. Already the mother of a 3 year old, she told herself, “I’m just not ready for this.”...


Anna’s Story

Sometimes winning the battle for the unborn means helping women break the cycle of multiple abortions. And breaking that cycle means empowering the mother to make a different choice....


Mother’s Day

Take time today to say "thank you, mom, for giving me life".


When Is a Smile Worth Less?

Perhaps it's the day you found the lump that changed your life... or maybe it's the day you received the unexpected phone call you never wanted ...


My Life: Baylee’s Story

It's easy to lose focus of what matters most. Watch what life would would be like for babies like Baylee . . . and things are back in perspective.


Rise Up For Life

3,500 lives are lost to abortion each day in America. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion. Since 1974, well over 54 million Americans have been denied their right to life....


Deliver Us From Abortion 2

by Brian E. Fisher


Deliver Us From Abortion

by Brian E. Fisher