Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


Show the Love of Christ to the Next Mom Seeking an Abortion Right Now

As you read this, there’s a mother searching the internet for answers as she begins
seeking an abortion. She’s not pursuing it because she wants one, but because she feels like she has no other option.

That’s the truth for most moms facing an unexpected pregnancy. And it was the truth for “Brittany”…

Brittany’s life came crashing down around her after a brutal breakup followed by a car accident that left her temporarily paralyzed. This devastating situation quickly turned into a crisis when Brittany learned that she was also pregnant.

“I was hopeless,” Brittany remembers. “It felt like I was going through a tunnel
where it was just me.”

With everything seemingly out of control in her life, Brittany decided to have an
abortion. She searched online to find a place where she could get her abortion over with as fast as she possibly could.

Thank God Brittany found the number to Human Coalition’s national contact
center. She chose life in the long run because she was given the support she needed to overcome her challenges.

Right now, another mom like Brittany is looking for answers, for options, for hope online
because she’s suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy. But you can reach her right now and empower her to know that she can choose life.

You can provide her an appointment at a life-affirming pregnancy center that will give her:

That could change everything for her – and her child today. You see, something changes in the hearts of moms when they see their child moving in their tummy or hear their child’s heart beating.

Mom and Baby smiling in the hospital

But sadly, the next mom is up against a goliath abortion industry with deep pockets. They are pursuing her with lies and deception.

They are enraged since the Roe v. Wade decision. They want to send her a pill to destroy the life of the baby in her womb, while not truly caring for her needs.

But the truth is that she doesn’t need a pill, she needs love, care, and hope. She needs to experience the love and compassion of Christ right now, at her moment of distress.

She needs you to re-write her story from death to life and re-paint her future to include the child in her womb today, because that baby’s life is on the line right now.

And today you can make that possible with your financial gift.

Will you give the next mom the hope and love she needs to choose life today – saving her and her baby from abortion?

Will you give a gift to save the next mom and her baby from the horror of abortion — before it’s too late?

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