Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


You Can DOUBLE the Lifesaving Impact and Empower More Families to THRIVE!

In the past few weeks, millions of children across the country experienced their first day of school. They packed their bags, let go of their mom’s hand, and got on the big yellow school bus – many of them for the first time.

As exciting as this season is, it’s also a reminder that millions of other children didn’t have this opportunity. That’s because every year, upwards of one million children are aborted in America. And in total, around 62 million preborn children have been killed in abortion clinics since 1973.

Think about how many school buses… how many classrooms… and how many school districts full of children have been lost to abortion.

Even more devastating is that most moms want to choose life for their children but are facing incredibly difficult circumstances. And those challenges make them feel like they have no other option than abortion. Adding to their pressure is Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, who ruthlessly target these moms and selfishly push them to abort.

But you can change that… and that’s why your support today is so important. Your gift can provide the help and hope a mom needs to choose life. You can empower her and her family to THRIVE.

A generous partner has given a $175,000 Challenge Grant to jump-start the rescue effort this back-to-school season.

That means YOUR gift can help DOUBLE the lifesaving impact, when combined with the grant. But you must give by September 30 at MIDNIGHT to make the biggest impact possible.

Every child is precious. Every child deserves the chance to not only live, but to THRIVE! And right now, we’re needing faithful partners like you to give one of the amounts below:

Will you give right now and fill one of these spots? When you do:

YOU will reach more moms with the love and compassion of Christ, providing the help and hope they need to choose life. YOU will empower more families with the support and resources they need to THRIVE. And YOU will ensure more children get to experience a first day of school for generations to come.

Will you give your best gift right now — and help DOUBLE the lifesaving impact to rescue children from abortion — before it’s too late?

Please know YOU will be helping rescue TWICE as many innocent children and families from abortion.