Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


You Can Rescue Innocent Children From Abortion — Before It’s Too Late

As you’re reading this, men and women across America are searching the Internet for information on how to get an abortion. In fact, due to its anonymity, the Internet is often the first place people turn when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

However, most of the information that’s found comes straight from abortion providers who promise an “easy fix” for the pregnancy — ending the life of the child. The abortion industry purposefully targets and exploits hurting moms, deceiving them into believing abortion is their only option.

But Human Coalition was founded in 2009 to partner with prolife champions just like you. And together, we’re able to provide the true hope and help that these mothers are longing for. The National Rescue System — built through the support of partners like you — offers moms considering an abortion:

Through strategic marketing, the National Rescue System connects with thousands of moms every month who are considering an abortion. The Family Services team then guides them to a local life-affirming pregnancy center, where they will hear the truth about choosing LIFE.

Once there, moms facing unexpected pregnancies will see their pre-born child through a high-quality ultrasound. This is critical because the majority of mothers seeking an abortion will choose LIFE after seeing a sonogram of her child.

Over 23,000 children have been rescued from abortion since 2010 because of pro-life champions like you! And even more can be rescued with your help today.

Also, please know that if Roe v. Wade is repealed, abortion will not become illegal in America. Instead, the federal mandate will end, and each state will decide for itself whether or not to allow abortions to continue. Twenty-four states will likely keep the procedure legal.

While laws in half of the United States will thankfully change, the circumstances of moms facing unexpected pregnancies will not change after Roe. These mothers will still need help that empowers them to choose life and gives support after they give birth. And many moms living in states that restrict abortion will begin seeking abortions in nearby states, where it’s still legal.

But YOU can reach them with the love and compassion of Christ today, before the abortion industry does. And YOU can give them the greatest gift of all: the gift of life with their child.

Will you empower more scared moms facing unexpected pregnancies with the help and hope they need to choose life today — before it’s too late?

Please know YOU will be helping rescue innocent children from abortion.