Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


Show the Love of Christ to a Mom Seeking an Abortion Right Now

As you read this, there’s a mom searching the internet for an abortion. She’s not pursuing it because she wants one, but because she feels like she has no other option. That’s the truth for most moms facing an unexpected pregnancy.

But you can reach her right now and empower her to know that she can choose life. You can provide her an appointment at a life-affirming pregnancy center that will give her:

You can write the next chapter for her – and her child today.

The next mom is up against a goliath abortion industry with deep pockets. They are pursuing her with lies and deception.

They are enraged since the Roe v. Wade decision. They want to send her a pill to destroy the life of the baby in her womb, while not truly caring for her needs.

But the truth is that she doesn’t need a pill, she needs love, care, and hope. She needs to experience the love and compassion of Christ right now, at her moment of distress.

She needs you to re-write her narrative from death to life and re-paint her future to include the child in her womb today, because that baby’s life is on the line right now.

And you can rescue them both from abortion with your gift right now. When you give today, you remove the next mom’s challenges and provide the hope that she needs to choose life.

Your help right now is crucial – especially at this time of year. Financially speaking, December is the most critical month of the whole year. It largely determines the amount of ministry and lifesaving work that can take place in the new year ahead.

And to end 2023 strong and ready for a new year of saving babies, a group of generous donors have provided a $782,500 End-of-Year Challenge Grant. They’re now challenging you, and other pro-lifers like you, to match their generosity with your own gift.

Your gift today will help DOUBLE the lifesaving impact when paired with the End-of-Year Challenge Grant, but only if received by 12/31.

So, will you write the next chapter for the next mom and her baby, saving them from an abortion today?

Will you give your best gift to save them from the devastation of abortion — before it’s too late for them?

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