Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


Save the Next Baby from Abortion When You Empower Their Mom to Be Brave

The next mom seeking an abortion is online right now … looking for answers. She’s anxious, nervous, worried. She was facing difficult challenges already. But now she has an unexpected pregnancy to deal with on top of everything else.

She’s wondering how to pay for rent with a dead-end job and no chance for growth. She’s conflicted about bringing another child into the world when she’s a single mom struggling to make it as it is.

She’s also in a vulnerable and dangerous position. The depth and range of emotions she’s experiencing feels like a roller coaster. Add to that the obstacles standing in front of her, and an abortion begins to feel like the only option.

And then there’s a goliath abortion industry that’s lurking in the shadows. They’re pursuing her with lies and deception. They want her to make a rushed decision to abort her child — a decision that she will likely regret for years to come. They want to send her a pill to destroy the baby inside her womb, while not caring for her as a person at all.

Even friends and family are telling her to get rid of her “problem” pregnancy and move on. She’s only human. She can only take so much before abortion becomes the only option in her mind. Deep down though, she doesn’t want one.

No, the next mom seeking an abortion doesn’t need a pill. And she doesn’t need an abortion at all. She needs the love and compassion of Christ right now — at her moment of distress. She needs tangible help to overcome her challenges. She needs someone to calm the storm.

With her immediate needs met, she can slow down and think about the baby in her womb. And with her burdens removed, she is free to think about what she wants for her family.

Today you can make that possible with your financial gift. You can provide her with an appointment at a life-affirming pregnancy center. At that center, they will give her:

Mom and Baby smiling in the hospital

That could change everything for her — and her child — today.

Because something changes when moms see their child moving inside their tummy. Or when they get to hear their baby’s heart beating. A glimpse at the symphony of life within her ignites a flame of courage, removing the shadows of doubt.

You can show the love of Christ to the next mom seeking an abortion right now. You can empower her to be brave. You can give her strength to embrace the journey ahead with renewed courage.

A generous group of donors has provided $125,000 as a Challenge Grant to jump-start the generosity this Mother’s Day. They’re now challenging you to DOUBLE the lifesaving impact by giving a gift of your own. Your gift plus their gift means TWICE the lifesaving impact to rescue the next mom and baby. But you must give your gift by 5/14, before the chance to DOUBLE the lifesaving impact expires.

Will you give a financial gift right now to save the next baby from abortion — by empowering their mom to be brave? Will you jump in and give the next mom the chance to choose life — before it’s too late?

Will you rescue her and her baby from abortion by giving a gift today?

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