Every 30 Seconds A Child Is Aborted

As you’re reading this, men and women across America are searching the Internet for information on how to get an abortion. No matter the size, your gift helps us reach more abortion-determined men and women, so their preborn babies might be saved.


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Every 30 seconds a baby's life is taken by abortion.

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4,483 babies

4,483 total babies have been saved from abortion so far.

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Saved Babies

Our long-term help for “Jenny” made all the difference.

When “Jenny” visited our women’s care clinic, she was angry at God and determined to get an abortion. She rejected the opportunity to discuss her faith or God’s plan for her life, but we did discuss how our clinic could support her. And in the midst of her hurt and confusion, Jenny found the courage......

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When you become an Human Coalition Rescue Partner, you have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Human Coalition to reach hurting, abortion-determined women searching for an abortion.

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The Human Coalition Prayer App underscores the importance of prayer in the battle to end abortion, while involving the pro-life community in such a way that keeps them actively engaged in rescuing unborn children and families from abortion.

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