Every 30 seconds

a child is aborted in America.


You Can Rescue The Next Child From Abortion

Children remain in immediate danger because the abortion pill is still being illegally trafficked by mail and across state lines, nationwide. This is happening even in states that have outright banned abortion.

In fact, as you’re reading this, men and women across America are searching the Internet for information on how to get an abortion.

However, most of the information that’s found comes straight from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood who promise an “easy fix” for the pregnancy — by ending the life of the child.

The abortion industry targets and exploits hurting moms, deceiving them into believing abortion is their only option.

The truth is: 75% of moms facing an unexpected pregnancy want to choose life but are facing defeating setbacks that make an abortion feel like their only option.

But today, you can provide a mom facing an unforeseen pregnancy the following:

Hope… for a mom, is what most-often decides life or death for a child at-risk of being aborted. And by giving right now, you will give hope to a mom facing an unforeseen pregnancy. Will you rescue her and her child from tragedy today?

You can reach them with the love and compassion of Christ right now, before the abortion industry does with their lies and deception. Children’s lives are on the line. And with the abortion pill becoming more accessible, more lives are in grave danger — including in states that have already banned abortions.

So, will you give your best gift right now to rescue the next child and their mom from abortion? Please don’t wait, act now: Because you have the power to rescue another child from being killed today. And you can rescue another mom from making a permanent, life-ending decision.

Will you give today to rescue the next child and their mom from the horror of abortion — before it’s too late?