Planned Parenthood is Winning... And Children Are Still Dying.

But children are worth fighting for. And thanks to a $750,000 Challenge Grant, you can help DOUBLE the lifesaving impact!

You have the power to rescue TWICE as many children from abortion — before it’s too late for them. So, will you give today to push back against the darkness fighting to kill more children by abortion?


Every 30 seconds a baby's life is taken by abortion.

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Over a million people stand with Human Coalition. Will you?

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21,854 children

21,854 total children have been rescued from abortion.

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Rescued Children

“Katie’s” Lifechanging Story

Katie just needed some help and reassurance She didn’t want to abort her child, or......

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Become a Rescue Partner

When you become a Human Coalition Rescue Partner, you have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Human Coalition to reach hurting, abortion-determined women searching for an abortion.

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Life Decision Story

“Laura’s” family was at risk of falling apart.
Her marriage was going through a rough patch. And she had her hands full with their two children. Then, she discovered she was pregnant with another man’s child.

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Pro-Life in a Post-Roe America Point #3

Point #3: The World Has Changed Since 1973 Can you believe it’s been almost 50......

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