Jeff Bradford


Jeff Bradford serves as President of Human Coalition, where he channels his experience as a seasoned business leader to initiate and cultivate relationships with major and principal donors.

As former owner and CEO of Cross Media, Jeff built that company from 4 to 80 employees, and grew sales from $400K to over $14 million. He brings a breadth of knowledge about leadership development and sales cycle management. Most recently, Jeff was a managing partner of CGO Partners, a consulting firm focused on corporate growth.

After learning about Human Coalition (HuCo) in 2010, Jeff was so moved by how the organization verifiably saves preborn children from abortion, he began volunteering. He eventually left the business world to work with Human Coalition full time in 2012. Since then, he’s helped grow HuCo into one of the nation’s largest pro-life organizations.

Jeff graduated from the University of Texas (Austin) and holds a BS in Finance.

He and his wife Tricia have four children.

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