Human Coalition has developed marketing outreaches, women's care clinics, and cultural influences to end abortion city by city. Find out what's happening in Atlanta and how you can get involved.


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Shealeta Reed
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Generous donors have helped save 4,483 babies.

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Women's Care Clinic of Atlanta

Women’s Care Clinic of Atlanta is a part of an innovative network of life-affirming medical clinics that employ best practices and technology to provide superior medical services to women in crisis, facing unplanned pregnancies.

We also provide tangible support for women and their families before (preventative), during (urgent), and after the crisis (continuum of care).

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We exist to rescue children and serve families because every human life—born and preborn—is a unique and precious work of divine art.

Will you join us in our mission not only to reach more abortion-determined people than ever before, but also to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America?

Right now, for every gift you give to Human Coalition, you can help rescue children and families from abortion!

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