Human Coalition has developed marketing outreaches, women's care clinics, and cultural influences to end abortion city by city. Find out what's happening in Pittsburgh and how you can get involved.


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Kurt Kondrich
Sr. Director of Development
Human Coalition - Pittsburgh

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Women's Care Clinic of Pittsburgh

Women’s Care Clinic of Pittsburgh is a part of an innovative network of life-affirming medical clinics that employ best practices and technology to provide superior medical services to women in crisis, facing unplanned pregnancies.

We also provide tangible support for women and their families before (preventative), during (urgent), and after the crisis (continuum of care).


“Ivy’s” Story

Ivy was unable to get to our women’s care clinic, so we sent our women’s...

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How Our Continuum of Care Program Gives Long-term Care and Offers Eternal Hope

“Samantha” spoke with one of the call agents in Human Coalition’s Contact Center. Her pregnancy...

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They Knew Things Had to Change

“Jess” and “Justin” were all about having a good time, drinking, and partying. They were...

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Melissa and Her Husband Chose Life!

“Melissa” was searching online for abortion information, when she came across one of Human Coalition’s...

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“Raylene’s” Story

Many years had passed since “Janice’s” mother had accompanied her to the abortion clinic. She’d...

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“Regina’s” Story

September can be an exciting, hopeful time of transition and promise, as folks settle into...

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Samantha’s Story

“Samantha” first came to our Mobile in April 2016. She found the WCC searching for...

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“Alice” and “Debra” — two sisters helped by Human Coalition

“Alice” visited our women’s care clinic full of fear and uncertainty about her unplanned pregnancy....

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God’s Love Comes Full Circle

Six years ago, Casey visited our women’s care clinic feeling desperate and scared about her...

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“Kara’s” Story

When “Anita” contacted our Contact Center about her daughter “Kara,” who was pregnant with twins,...

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“Jill’s” Story

When “Jill” learned she was pregnant, her first thought was, not again. With a 5-month-old...

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Justi’s Story

Up until this point in “Justi’s” life, everything had been a struggle. She struggled with...

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Chante’s Story

When “Chante” found out she was pregnant, she felt like there was no way she...

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Shelly’s Story

On a hot morning last summer, “Shelly” did something she never thought she’d do: she...

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Mary’s Real Life Decision Story

“Mary” had finally gotten a new lease on life. For years, she’d struggled with her...

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The lifesaving impact of a job

When a woman walks into Human Coalition’s women’s care clinic of Pittsburgh believing that abortion...

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Seeing the six-week-old’s heartbeat flashing on the monitor “Suzanne’s” maternal feelings kicked in

“Suzanne” had dreams of graduating from high school, attending a four-year college, and obtaining a...

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“Cheryl” was determined to get an abortion

As I announced in my email a couple of days ago, our clinic continues to...

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We exist to rescue children and serve families because every human life—born and preborn—is a unique and precious work of divine art.

Will you join us in our mission not only to reach more abortion-determined people than ever before, but also to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in America?

Because we track the entire “marketing to life-decision” process, we’re able to calculate precisely how much money is needed to reach an at-risk woman and help rescue her baby from abortion.

Right now, for every $265 gift you give, you can verifiably help rescue one baby from abortion. And for a gift of $1,060, you can help save four babies! No matter the size, your gift helps us reach more and more abortion-determined women and men, so their preborn babies might be saved and one day make their mark on the world.

Please give a gift and help us rescue children and serve families in Pittsburgh.