Human Coalition has established marketing outreach strategies, women's care clinics, and cultural influences to end abortion city by city. Find out what's happening in Raleigh and how you can get involved.


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Raleigh Women's Clinic

Raleigh Women’s Clinic is a part of an innovative network of life-affirming women’s care clinics that employ best practices and technology to provide superior medical services to women in crisis, facing unexpected pregnancies.

We also provide tangible support for women and their families before (preventative), during (urgent), and after the crisis (continuum of care).


“Neala” Felt She Had No Options

“Neala” came to the women’s care clinic looking for information on abortion. Already a single...

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“Adaira” Felt Overwhelmed and Distraught

“Adaira” came to the women’s care clinic after a positive home pregnancy test result. She’d...

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“Emmie” Felt Frozen with Fear

Emmie was scared to tell her family she was pregnant. So when her boyfriend suggested...

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“Maddie” felt distraught and stressed

“Maddie” was determined to create a better life for herself and her child. She was...

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“Cosette” Felt Pressured to Abort

“Cosette” dropped out of high school and left her family in order to be with...

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“Lexi’s” Circumstances Were Overwhelming

When “Lexi” found out she was pregnant, her circumstances could not have been more overwhelming....

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“Aleada’s” Boyfriend Pushed for an Abortion

“Aleada’s” boyfriend called our clinic looking for information on abortion. But when our Care Coordinator...

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“Blair’s” Story

“Blair” was devastated when she discovered she was pregnant. In the midst of trying to end...

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“Regan” Was Blinded by Fear

“Regan” visited our women’s care clinic after a positive home pregnancy test result. With several...

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“Nola” Is Not Giving Up

“Nola” came to our Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic after a home pregnancy test revealed she...

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“Kenzie’s” Heart Began to Soften

“Kenzie” was suffering with grief and pain from a previous abortion when she learned she...

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Life Decision – “Ailie’s” Story

“Ailie” had been in the United States only a short while when she discovered she...

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Life Decision – “Aleah’s” Story

“Aleah” came to our women’s care clinic through the Human Coalition Contact Center. Driving more...

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YOU Changed Their Story!

When we first met “Kimberly” and “William,” they were living in a motel with their...

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Life Decision – “Mareena’s” Story

The news of her pregnancy couldn’t have come at a worse time for “Mareena.” Going...

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“Meera’s” Story

“Meera” called our women’s care clinic after a positive home pregnancy test result. Abortion-determined, she...

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“Aislynn’s” Story

“Aislynn” came to the Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic after a doctor confirmed she was pregnant....

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“Kacee’s” Story

“Kacee” is an ambitious college student who has dreams for a great career. But all...

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“Kylynn’s” Story

“Kylynn” was excited to start school, but a positive pregnancy deflated her joy. After searching...

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“Emma’s” Story

The Bible tells us, “Two are better than one,” and “If either of them falls...

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“Kinsey’s” Story

Some studies find that as many as 64% of women facing an unexpected pregnancy experience...

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“Amnesty’s” Story

Like most young women her age, “Amnesty” had big dreams. She would marry the man...

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“He Is Really Making It Happen for Us”

When we first met Wylie, he was living in a motel room with his wife...

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“Camryn’s” Story

“Camryn” suspected she might be pregnant, but she wasn’t sure. A friend suggested she visit...

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“Avery’s” story

When “Avery” learned she was pregnant, it seemed like the odds were stacked against her....

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“Miraya’s” Story

“Miraya” came to our women’s care clinic through a call she made to the Human...

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“Breena’s” Story

“Breena” visited our women’s care clinic after talking to a Human Coalition Contact Center agent...

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Dara’s Story

When “Dara” first visited our women’s care clinic in Raleigh, her morning sickness was so...

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Holiday Connections: Crystal’s Story

With Holiday Connections, you and I and our women’s care clinic staff can give new...

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Karis’ Story

Your support for Human Coalition in Raleigh is helping us rescue children and serve families....

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Cadia’s Story

Many of the women who visit our Raleigh women’s care clinic hope to have an...

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Where Are They Now? – Mackenzie

We wanted to give you an update on “Mackenzie”, one of our clients whose story...

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Callie’s Real Life Story

Today, “Callie” is a happy mother of a baby girl. But only a few months...

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Rey was pregnant with twins

When “Rey” learned she was pregnant, she went to her local abortion clinic to terminate...

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Less than 24 hours before her scheduled abortion Emberlyn drove two hours to visit our clinic

“Emberlyn” had always imagined herself married and settled before having a child of her own....

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Our long-term help for “Jenny” made all the difference.

When “Jenny” visited our women’s care clinic, she was angry at God and determined to...

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“Ruthanne” came to us desperate for help

When Ruthanne suspected she was pregnant, she did what thousands of women do each year…...

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Donate to Raleigh

As you read this, there’s a mom in Raleigh/Durham searching the internet for an abortion. She’s not pursuing it because she wants one, but because she feels like she has no other option.

That’s the truth for most moms facing an unexpected pregnancy.

But you can reach her right now and empower her to know that she can choose life. You can provide her an appointment at a life-affirming pregnancy center that will give her:

  • A free ultrasound and the chance to hear her baby’s heartbeat
  • Compassionate, life-affirming care from licensed medical professionals
  • Access to tangible resources that will ease her burden and enable her to choose life

That could change everything for her – and her child today.

The next mom is up against a goliath abortion industry with deep pockets. They are pursuing her with lies and deception.

They are enraged since the Roe v. Wade decision. They want to send her a pill to destroy the life the baby in her womb, while not truly caring for her needs.

But the truth is that she doesn’t need a pill, she needs love, care, and hope. She needs to experience the love and compassion of Christ right now, at her moment of distress.

And you can make that possible with your gift right now.

  • Because of your gift, she can be reached with love and hope.
  • Because of your gift, she can hear her baby’s heartbeat.
  • Because of your gift, she can choose life for her child.
  • Because of your gift, she can receive the tangible support she needs to flourish.

Will you give the next mom in Raleigh/Durham the hope and love she needs to choose life today – saving her and her baby from abortion?

Will you save the next mom and her baby from the devastation of abortion — before it’s too late?