Allani’s Story

Allani’s life hadn’t been easy. She was in the foster care system for most of her younger years, until one of the foster families adopted Allani and her siblings. However, when her adoptive father suddenly died, Allani’s home life became strained – resulting in her adoptive mother pushing Allani and her twin sister out of the family home.

Homeless and with nowhere else to go, Allani moved in with her boyfriend and his family.

At first, things seemed to be turning around. Allani was named captain of her basketball team, and she was excelling in school. But once Allani suspected she might be pregnant, her friends urged her to go to Planned Parenthood.

At Planned Parenthood, Allani learned how much an abortion would cost, and she was conflicted about what to do next.

“It was shocking… I was scared, nervous,” says Allani. She’d already taken two home pregnancy tests, which had both been negative. “[I thought], Do I want to bring a baby into this world and basically figure it out, or do I want to get rid of something that’s meant to be? Because during my whole life when something happens, it’s happened for a reason.”

As she walked out of Planned Parenthood that day, she saw one of Human Coalition’s women’s mobile clinics. When she called to make an appointment, our staff immediately scheduled her for a consultation.

“I don’t believe in abortion, but I was scared. I don’t have anyone.” Neither Allani’s adoptive family, nor the baby’s father had offered to help, leaving her alone to seek a solution. Still in disbelief and shock, her next stop was to the women’s mobile clinic, where she received an ultrasound, saw her baby on the monitor, and learned she was 18 weeks pregnant.

“When I left the mobile clinic, they wanted to be in my life. When I left Planned Parenthood, they gave me a package [and basically said,] ‘See ya! Bye.’ [But] complete strangers prayed for me at the mobile clinic. It touched my heart. They became a second home and support system. [They] cared in a way that Planned Parenthood didn’t.”

Every day through phone calls and in our women’s care clinics, our staff weaves words of restoration and encouragement into the souls of hurting and scared women. We then knit a tapestry of pathways to make choosing life possible, even in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy, giving young women like Allani hope.

Through Continuum of Care, Allani received help and support. She took childbirth classes, parenting classes, and graduated from high school as valedictorian of her class. Allani even connected with her birth mother who was able to meet her new granddaughter, Alayah. Shortly after reconnecting with her birth mother, however, tragedy struck, and Allani’s birth mother died.

But Allani’s Continuum of Care mentor provided support and encouragement through this difficult time as well. Despite her grief, Allani continued to successfully parent little Alayah, while continuing to attend and excel in college. She even obtained her own apartment.

“I tell [Alayah] that I love her around the world and back. I want to succeed for her, so she doesn’t have to live a hard life or struggle through things without people in her corner. So that’s important for me now that I’m a mom,” said Allani.

Thanks to you, young mothers like Allani are choosing life and getting the help they need.

This work would not be possible without supporters like you. Because of you, women in crisis are finding long-term, sustainable support.

We are so grateful for your continued financial and prayerful support, as we minister to women, families, and children.