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Rodnesha and Jeremie’s Story

When Rodnesha visited our women’s care clinic in Grapevine, she openly confessed to our Care Coordinator that she wanted an abortion. Thankfully, her partner Jeremie disagreed and lovingly encouraged her to choose life. Our Care Coordinator listened to Rodnesha’s concerns and offered practical solutions to help overcome her fears.

A few weeks later, we connected Rodnesha with Staci, one of our mentor moms. The two women began texting, slowly building a relationship that eventually developed into a beautiful friendship. Staci provided a support system for Rodnesha.

For the next several months, Staci and her husband demonstrated unconditional love to Rodnesha and Jeremie, providing much-needed care and support.

Although the odds seemed stacked against Rodnesha and Jeremie, they made the courageous decision to choose life!