Katiya’s Story

“Katiya’s” Story: From Hopeless to Hopeful

Thirteen weeks into an unexpected pregnancy, “Katiya” was seeking an abortion. Married at 22 years old, she had no desire to start a family quite yet. She had big plans for her life, and this pregnancy wasn’t one of them at the moment.   Jobs, new family dynamics, and now an unexpected pregnancy. How is a young couple supposed to juggle all these things as they’re starting out? Katiya had no healthcare insurance and desperately needed financial help if she was to provide for this child. It wasn’t that she didn’t want her baby, she just couldn’t see around the mountains that tried to engulf her. It just didn't feel possible.   There had to be another way, a path out of her financial fragility that had become the driving factor behind her decision to abort her child.   Katiya began to look online for an abortion, and that’s when she discovered Human Coalition. Anxious about what the conversation would entail, she picked up the phone and dialed. It wasn’t until the nurse began to explain the abortion procedure more in-depth that Katiya gained a fresh perspective. She took it upon herself to research abortion and all it demanded.   And that’s when she realized that she couldn’t go through with it. She began to see the truth and understand abortion for what it really was: an intense and vulnerable procedure with lasting effects. But not only that, she came to terms with the fact that she would be taking the life of her own child. She learned how her baby could feel pain and had a heartbeat, arms, legs, a brain, and reflexive movements inside the womb. Katiya came to the conclusion that what she previously thought of as just a fetus is human and worthy of life. After the phone conversation with a nurse, an in-person appointment was scheduled. During her sonogram, Katiya was able to see her baby for the first time. As she listened to her baby’s heartbeat, excitement began to rise inside of her and a future as a mother felt possible. With the support of her husband, her mom, her nurse, her Continuum of Care social worker, and her recent studies on abortion, Katiya’s outlook had completely reversed. Once she was made aware of the support and resources available to her, the decision to choose life was easy. Because of your support, Katiya was able to overcome her obstacles one by one, making abortion completely unnecessary for Katiya. The Continuum of Care program was able to provide for Katiya in ways she couldn’t provide for herself. They helped with material assistance for the baby, connected her with the appropriate financial assistance and maternity leave through her workplace, and resources to receive health insurance. The nurse encouraged Katiya to just take one day at a time and reminded her that she had plenty of time to prepare before the arrival of her baby. Katiya received the support she needed to continue the pregnancy and confidently become a mom. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. When her baby was 8 weeks old, Katiya came to visit and introduced the Human Coalition pregnancy center staff to her newborn baby! The team was even able to bless her with some gifts to help welcome the arrival of her daughter. To this day, Katiya continues to express gratitude for all the support, love, and compassion she received.
“Thank you for all the help and everything you guys have sent. I definitely appreciate it, and you guys are now like my second family. Everything in my life was so crazy. I was going through so much, then she was born, and everything was alright!”
Many women feel the way Katiya felt: the baby would only be a hindrance to life's plans. But in truth, her baby was an additional blessing and didn’t take away anything from Katiya’s life. Your lifesaving support truly changes the course of the next generation. Not only can Katiya continue to pursue her dreams, but her baby girl now has the opportunity to do the same! Thank you for all you do to reach the next mom seeking an abortion, like Katiya was before she was reached with help and hope. Your support truly empowered her to choose life and saved her daughter from abortion.

Kacee’s Story

“Kacee” came into our Human Coalition Raleigh women’s care clinic to confirm her pregnancy after taking a home pregnancy test. Kacee was in college and determined to finish with a degree. So a baby did not fit in with her dreams for her future career, and she believed abortion was the answer. During her initial visit, Kacee spoke with a our staff about the long-term implications of an abortion, and the possibility of pursuing a career while parenting a child. During the ultrasound, the pregnancy was confirmed and Kacee saw her baby’s tiny heartbeat. Kacee left our clinic still abortion-determined, but she agreed to come in for another ultrasound. During the next scan, Kacee saw her baby moving, waving, and smiling; and she was happy to share with our staff that she’d courageously chosen life for her baby.

Meet “Riley”

As the daughter of a pastor, Jennifer was convinced she had to hide the truth of her unplanned pregnancy. So abortion seemed like the only reasonable solution. Battling whether or not she would discuss this decision with her friends or family, Jennifer aimlessly drove around town — or so she thought. Jennifer came upon our Dallas/Ft. Worth Women’s Mobile Unit and went inside. Instead of the stereotypical clinical feel, she found the warmth and compassion she needed. The women she encountered served as the turning point in her pregnancy and one of the biggest influences in her decision to parent. Jennifer’s daughter Riley is now approaching her third birthday! And on April 20, 2017 (the same day we celebrated our annual banquet!), Jennifer married the man who vowed his devotion to her and Riley for who they are — no matter what they’d been through. Every day, Jennifer looks at Riley and says, “I’m so glad you’re here; you were worth it all.”

Meet Baby “Faith”

“Tiffany” came to our Dallas/Ft. Worth women’s care clinic seeking an abortion. She was 25 years old and already had three daughters. Thanks to the support Tiffany received from our clinic’s Care Coordinator and Tiffany’s mother, she made the courageous decision to parent her baby. Tiffany’s beautiful baby girl was born in February. Tiffany named her newest daughter “Faith” as a reminder that you only need a little bit of faith in the Lord, and He will provide for your needs.


Determined to make the right decision, “Tasia” chose life for Human Coalition Baby #5,376 — “Candice”!

After a night of poor choices, Tasia knew something was off. Then a home pregnancy test confirmed her greatest fear: she was pregnant. Already a single mother to her daughter, she now felt backed against a wall.

Tasia went online and frantically searched for abortion help. Instead, she found Human Coalition.

We immediately connected her with one of our life-affirming clinics, and she scheduled an appointment on her first available day off. We shared that abortion services are not provided at our facility, and Tasia still followed through with her appointment. Together, we sifted through her greatest fears, what brought her to this point, and the steps she could take moving forward.

Once Tasia knew we’d be with her for the long haul, she faced her fears and stepped up to the plate for her new daughter, Candice!


Abortion was no longer an easy fix for “Justine” and baby “Aaron,” Human Coalition Baby #5,317! Stuck in an abusive relationship, a positive pregnancy test only brought more anxiety into Justine’s life. She went online to learn more about nearby abortion services, as it had been eight years since her last abortion. Her search led her to Human Coalition, and she was connected with a life-affirming pregnancy clinic in her area. With financial pressures looming, Justine felt her options were limited. But as Justine shared with our clinic’s staff about her first abortion experience, she admitted that her guilt still lingered. Rather than take the “easy way out,” Justine decided now was the time for her to rise up to the challenge of motherhood for the sake of her son, Aaron.

Meet Danny

“Darcy” decided LIFE made the most sense for her son “Danny,” Human Coalition baby #5,214. She was the mother of one and a full-time student, and she’d already had two miscarriages. So Darcy was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant again. She wanted to enjoy the child she already had, and she felt she wasn’t prepared to mother another one. Seeking abortion services, Darcy went online and performed a quick search.Instead, she connected with HC and arranged an appointment at a life-affirming clinic. At the clinic Darcy learned what exactly an abortion entails, and she wondered how she — and many others — could ever consider it an option for their own child. Darcy opted for LIFE for her sweet baby boy, Danny.


Jenna is now set on life for baby #5,147, Geoffrey. "Jenna" was late to start her period, and the pains she was experiencing were far too intense for her normal cycle. Jenna went to the ER and found out she was pregnant. After doing a quick search for "pregnancy help" online, she decided to visit a local life-affirming center she found through Human Coalition. At the time of her appointment, Jenna was far enough along to show the growth of the baby boy she'd been carrying for 9 weeks. After seeing his sweet profile via sonogram, Jenna knew she was looking at her son — her future. Leaving her fears behind, Jenna welcomed this new season into her world.


“Tiffany” chose “Leon,” HC baby #5,042 — for LIFE! After discovering she was pregnant, Tiffany immediately went online to research her options. Feeling alone and scared, she was tempted by the voices in her head that said she should abort. Instead, Tiffany picked up the phone and dialed the number that offered to help. She heard a calming voice on the other end of the line and made an appointment with one of HC’s clinics. But during her appointment, fear once again consumed her. Tiffany argued that abortion was her only hope for normalcy, and she asked for an abortion referral. The staff politely reminded her that abortion services are not referred or provided, as she’d been told before she made her appointment. The nurses remembered how it felt to be in her shoes, and they helped Tiffany identify the source of her frustration and sort through her feelings. After receiving continued counseling and encouragement from the HC clinic, Tiffany faced her fears and took a stand for baby Leon’s life!


Patience and time to think led "Antoinette" to choose life for baby "Ray", #4,978! At the sight of a positive pregnancy test, Antoinette went online to find a neighboring abortion clinic. Her online search provided other options like a phone call to visit with one of HC's life-affirming clinics. Antoinette picked up the phone to schedule her first appointment — a call that would eventually save her son's life. While at the clinic, Antoinette shared that with two kids back to back, she wanted to break the cycle of unplanned motherhood. She didn't want to progress "too far" in the pregnancy for her comfort to abort, so she wanted to act now. The staff patiently addressed each of her concerns and walked her through her decision making process. It wasn't until she sorted through her thoughts aloud with a new friend that she was able to see she knew the best option all along — she chose LIFE for baby boy, Ray!


"Morgan" chose LIFE over her circumstance for baby #4,886, "Avery." Tempted to avoid all responsibility for her pregnancy, Morgan confessed to her mom she was pregnant. The two went online to research her options as Morgan's mother knew her daughter was unaware of all abortion entailed. Together they picked up the phone and called Human Coalition and made an appointment with one of our clinics. During her appointment, Morgan learned the in's and out's of the abortion procedure, and shared all she was up against with this pregnancy. To ensure she knew all that was going on, the staff at the clinic introduced her to her daughter via ultrasound. Morgan took one look at Avery and knew that the world could be against her, but she would still choose LIFE.


“Sarah” seriously considered getting an abortion, but ultimately she decided that LIFE was the best choice for her son, “Clayton” — Human Coalition Baby #4,742! When facing her first unplanned pregnancy, Sarah turned to her mom for advice. She said she’d be supportive of Sarah no matter what decision she made. Sarah wondered if her child would be better off if she aborted him rather than bringing him into the world without a father and with a financially unstable mother. Rather than decide too quickly, Sarah went online to research her options and found Human Coalition. She immediately called the number and made an appointment at a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center. During her appointment, Sarah shared with one of the center’s compassionate caregivers that she’d already met with her gynecologist and was seriously considering an abortion. But, she wanted to discuss all of her options first. After meeting with the center’s staff on several occasions, Sarah decided she didn’t need everyone to agree with her decision to do what was right — and she chose LIFE!


“Kendra” chose life for “Lavon,” Human Coalition Baby #4,836, but not without a personal struggle. Tempted to take the “easy” way out, Kendra searched online for abortion information. Soon, she was connected with Human Coalition. After a quick phone conversation with a member of our staff, Kendra made an appointment with one of HC’s women’s care clinics. She shared that she’d considered keeping the baby but was now determined to abort. Now was not a good time to have a baby — she felt ill prepared in every way. But our staff didn’t give up hope. During her first and subsequent visits to the clinic, the staff poured love into Kendra, reassuring her that she was not only capable of being a mom, but she’d been chosen for her son Lavon. Eventually, Kendra realized they were right — now was her time, and Lavon was her son!


Peace of mind led “Lavon” to choose life for her baby boy, “Xavier” — Human Coalition Baby #4,722! With shaky hands, Lavon held the positive pregnancy test as she searched online for hope. Rather than respond to the first abortion-driven ad that popped up, Lavon discovered Human Coalition and dialed the number on the screen. Through her tears, Lavon shared her story of desperation with the contact center agent on the other end of the line — her baby's father was an addict, she was already a single mother of a teenage boy, and she'd suffered through an ectopic pregnancy. Could she do it all again? Before doing anything else, the HC contact center agent offered to pray with Lavon to help calm her nerves, and Lavon eagerly agreed. After that, she scheduled an appointment for Lavon at one of HC's life-affirming pregnancy centers. During her appointment, Lavon decided to let go of her fears and seek the help that was available to her through the pregnancy center. Sometimes all a mother needs is a reminder that she’s not alone — and baby Xavier is living proof of that!


“Claire” chose to brave motherhood for her son “Dalton” — Human Coalition Baby #4,057! Staring at the positive pregnancy test, Claire was too scared to tell a soul, let alone call the phone number she found online while searching for abortion-related information. Instead, Claire joined an online chat with the Human Coalition team through our website. She was promptly connected to a neighborhood life-affirming clinic and scheduled an appointment. During her visit, Claire shared that being a parent — and all that it would entail — seemed overwhelming, but nothing compared to aborting her baby. The team assured her that not only was she capable, but she had a support team at the clinic — a team willing to help her throughout her decision-making process, and to provide the supplies and parenting classes she’d need, as well as any ongoing support. Claire was stunned to learn she wasn’t alone, and she decided that with the clinic’s help, motherhood was her best option!


After discovering she was pregnant, “Cynthia” kept thinking of her firstborn, “Anna.” What would Anna think if she knew Mommy was pregnant? Cynthia wondered if she was capable of raising two children. Cynthia went online to learn if abortion was her best option. There she encountered Human Coalition and was put in contact with a nearby life-affirming clinic. During her appointment the staff patiently sat with Cynthia, sifted through all of her emotions and fears, and pointed her toward life-affirming truth and confidence. Although Cynthia went to her appointment determined to have an abortion, she left with a renewed sense of hope in her ability to be a mother of two. Cynthia knew LIFE was the right choice for her, and HC baby #3,709 — “Abel” — was born!


The phone call “Kendall” made on behalf of her sister “Jess” helped save HC Baby #3,501 — “Edgar”! Jess took the dreaded home pregnancy test and faced reality with sister Kendall by her side. Feeling scared and unready for parenthood, Jess wanted to abort her baby. Kendall went online and found one of Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinics in her area. During her first visit, she shared her deepest fears. She also learned the truth about abortion, and she couldn’t believe she’d once considered it her “best” option. Jess chose life for baby Edgar, thanks to the love and support of her sister Kendall!


"Claire" was 15. How could she embrace motherhood for HC baby #3,475, "Ashton"? Choosing "life" was never a thought Claire believed she'd battle at the age of 15, until she found herself hopeless and breaking the news of an unplanned pregnancy to her mom. Together, they went online with the hopes of finding a way to handle her situation. There, they discovered Human Coalition, were put in contact with a life-affirming clinic, and scheduled an appointment. During their time at the clinic, Claire and her mother confirmed the pregnancy and watched as two-month-old preborn Ashton appeared on the ultrasound monitor. After one look, both Claire and her mom knew they couldn’t choose abortion. With the support of loved ones, Claire is embracing motherhood for Ashton!


After receiving compassionate care at a life-affirming pregnancy center, “Alice” chose LIFE for baby #3,385 — “Hudson.” Pregnant and alone in a new state, Alice felt like she had nowhere to turn. So she searched online for options. She had no idea what she’d choose to do in the end; but through her connection with Human Coalition, she understood that she could visit a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center that didn’t offer abortions. She still made an appointment. During her appointment, Alice realized that several of the female caregivers at the center had once been in her shoes and chose to abort their children. Years later, their decision still burdened them so heavily that they’d committed their lives to helping save other mothers from making the same mistake. After being welcomed by the staff, seeing a sonogram of “Hudson” for the first time, and learning about all of her options, Alice realized there was no other choice for her but LIFE! We are so grateful for the hard work of all the staff at our 30 participating Women’s Care Clinics, and for Alice’s decision to choose LIFE for her son.

3360 & #3361

“James” made the call that eventually saved the lives of Human Coalition babies #3,360 and #3,361, “Lory” and “Rita”! When James learned that “Megan” was pregnant, he went online to help her look for an answer. After finding HC’s phone number, he picked up the phone and was directed to make an appointment at a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center. During Megan’s appointment, she received a sonogram and unthinkable news...she was having twins. How could she afford to care for one baby, let alone two? She wasn’t married, her work situation wasn’t stable — there had to be another option. The nurse was more than prepared to answer all of Megan’s questions, and Megan felt certain she had made the right choice...LIFE. The staff at both the pregnancy center and the HC office were thrilled to welcome another set of twins into the world!


“Cynthia” had never imagined herself as a struggling mother of two with another one on the way. Yet there she was at age 34, feeling like she had nowhere to turn for answers but the Internet. Fortunately, her search for abortion information connected her to Human Coalition. When she made the call, HC put her in touch with a team of trained women at a life-affirming pregnancy center not far from Cynthia. During her appointment, she hashed out every fear that was leading her to abort. After spending hours with the staff, Cynthia realized she had successfully mothered her first two children, and she refused to shy away from the arrival of HC baby #3,302, “Samuel”!


“Claire” chose motherhood for sweet Human Coalition baby #3,198, “Raven.” Claire was recovering from a painful miscarriage when she discovered she was pregnant. Overcome with emotion, she looked online for abortion options. Her search connected her with Human Coalition who then paired her with a nearby life-affirming clinic. Although she was considering an abortion, Claire welcomed all of the information offered to her. It was too early in the pregnancy for her to receive an ultrasound, but she listened as all of her options were explained. And she welcomed the encouragement she received from the staff. After much personal debate, Claire decided to choose motherhood and carry baby Raven to term!


“Tiffany” fought her fears and decided to welcome the life of Human Coalition baby #3,159, “Blakely”! After getting conflicting results with multiple pregnancy tests, Tiffany decided she needed help. Her online search for help paired her with HC, which made her an appointment at a local life-affirming clinic. Tiffany shared that she was nearing surgery to prevent future pregnancies. She had always been anti-abortion...until now. With a 7-month-old at home and plans for the surgery, she felt she had no choice. Tiffany made a separate appointment with an abortionist, but she simply couldn’t follow through. Under no circumstances would she justify the killing of her preborn daughter, Blakely!


“Kimber” decided not to repeat her past mistakes, so she chose life for baby “Jenna.” No stranger to abortion, Kimber’s first thought was to abort when she discovered she was pregnant again. This time, however, Kimber started her search online and found Human Coalition instead of an abortion clinic. HC set an appointment for Kimber to visit a nearby life-affirming center. There, Kimber shared her fears — her financial situation was leading her to consider abortion, the baby’s father didn’t think they could provide for a baby, and her prior abortion went terribly. After meeting with the staff, Kimber felt heard and had a support team to address her concerns. She thought for a long time and decided that LIFE was the only option she was willing to choose for Human Coalition baby #3123, Jenna!


Scared about how her strict parents might respond to her positive pregnancy test, Jessica opened her computer and went online to research abortion information. Her search connected her with Human Coalition, and she made an appointment at a life-affirming clinic. During the appointment, Jessica's pregnancy was confirmed and the staff encouraged her to tell her parents the truth. She agreed, and to her surprise she received nothing but support and encouragement for LIFE! Jessica is about to walk the stage as a high school graduate. And with her parents’ support, she has enrolled in parenting classes. She’ll attend a local university in the fall and formally assume her title as “Mom” to HC baby #3108, Elise!


“Anthony” originally searched online for abortion info, but LIFE won out for “Elise”! Terrified of his girlfriend’s positive pregnancy test, Anthony went online to look for abortion info. His girlfriend “Cheri” was in college, and she was convinced this pregnancy would put an end to her education. Cheri spoke with Human Coalition and made an appointment at a nearby life-affirming pregnancy clinic. During her appointment, she shared all of her fears and listened carefully as she learned what an abortion entailed. When Cheri decided to choose Life, Anthony chose to stand with her and support her decision! Now HC baby #3050, Elise, will be welcomed into the world in 2015 and adopted by a loving family member!


"Danielle" and "Martin" chose Life for their son "Colton”! Feeling dizzy and overcome with emotions, Danielle took the test that stopped her in her tracks — she was pregnant. Rather than confide in Martin, she went online to research her options. And Human Coalition connected her with a nearby life-affirming pregnancy clinic. With a confirmed pregnancy and an uneasy stomach, Danielle listened carefully as the clinic staff discussed every option available to her. Rather than choose the "easy way out," Danielle asked Martin to return with her to the clinic. After receiving further counsel, two ultrasounds, and a referral to a doctor in the area, Danielle and Martin chose LIFE for HC baby #3,033!


“Carolyn” eventually chose LIFE for “Caleb” — but she struggled to make that decision alone. Carolyn knew that if her boyfriend found out she was pregnant, his answer would be quick: abort. Terrified of his response, Carolyn went online looking for answers. Her search led her to Human Coalition who connected her with a nearby life-affirming clinic. After seeing her son, Caleb, for the first time through an ultrasound, Carolyn asked for prayer to make the right decision. Carolyn was taken aback by the development of her son, yet plagued by financial worry. Rather than give in to her fears, Carolyn decided that HC baby #3,012, Caleb, deserved his chance at LIFE! We’re grateful for Carolyn’s courageous decision!


“Erika” was determined to terminate her pregnancy, but “Jessica” stepped in to help. After discovering she was pregnant, Erika went online to look for abortion-related information. Instead, a member of the Human Coalition team guided her to a nearby life-affirming pregnancy clinic. Upon entering the clinic, Erika met Jessica and shared her life story with her. She then listened to Jessica’s stories about other mothers who’d walked this same road, yet thrived after choosing Life. Erika agreed to wait and think through her options. Jessica patiently followed up with Erika. And during one of their phone conversations, Erika shared that she was choosing Life for HC baby #3,004 — “Molly”! Congrats, Erika, on your brave decision for LIFE!


“Melanie” didn’t believe in abortion… until she faced an unplanned pregnancy. Before talking with anyone, Melanie went online to find a way to end her pregnancy. There, she connected with Human Coalition and made an appointment at a life-affirming pregnancy center. The center’s staff comforted Melanie and reminded her she was not alone — that there were better options available for her and her baby. After receiving weeks of continuous support and encouragement from the pregnancy center, Melanie decided to place HC baby #2,974, “John,” for adoption. While her decision wasn’t easy, Melanie made the right choice for her and her unborn son.


When she suspected she was pregnant, “Anabelle” called a friend and asked how she should handle her “situation.” Fortunately, Anabelle’s friend helped her research her options online, and they soon discovered Human Coalition! Anabelle called the Human Coalition team and scheduled her first appointment at a local life-affirming pregnancy center. After the appointment, Anabelle called the center and shared that because of the doctor referral, prenatal vitamins, and overall support she received from the center, she’s decided to choose LIFE for HC baby #2,937—“Laura”!


Scared to tell her parents the news, “Amber” thought every option was worth considering. After discovering she was pregnant, Amber went online to search for abortion-related information. Her search led her to Human Coalition, and she readily welcomed the opportunity to visit a life-affirming pregnancy center. During her appointment, Amber shared her fears that led her to consider abortion — telling her parents the news, not getting a college education, and her inability to provide for her baby. After the center’s staff addressed her fears, Amber decided to tell her parents the truth. Surprise! Amber’s parents are excited about HC baby #2,907, whom Amber named “Joseph.” And they’ve encouraged her to sign up for parenting classes and enroll for college!


"Kayla" realized all she needed was the support of others to help equip her to raise Human Coalition baby #2889, "Ben!" "Kayla" sat in silence when she discovered she was pregnant. She always thought an unplanned pregnancy would happen to someone else. Rather than telling a friend, "Kayla" went online and began to research her options. She was greeted by HC in her search, and encouraged to visit a life-affirming clinic for help. "Kayla" went to her appointment and openly welcomed the assistance offered to her — a pregnancy test, sonogram, and government aid programs. Once resistant to help, "Kayla" opened up to the staff as she realized they truly cared about her and her son. Love and support continue to make life saves like "Ben's" a possibility!


“Amelia” turned her fears into ambitions by welcoming baby #2,845, “Anna!” “Amelia” knew she couldn’t hide from her pregnancy any longer when she went online to search for alternatives. Rather than find an abortion clinic, “Amelia” was offered an appointment at one of HC’s life-affirming clinics. “Amelia” accepted and immediately connected with the staff at the center. She shared her grief, fears, and disbelief over her pregnancy. The staff consoled “Amelia” and reminded her that she was not alone — she had a support group with them for as long as she needed! “Amelia” decided to stop hiding from her pregnancy, and she can’t wait to see “Anna” for the first time!


"Genevive" chose LIFE and adoption for her first child, "Grace." When "Genevive" first thought she was pregnant, she went online to research her options. Her search led her to one of HC's participating life-affirming clinics, where she received a positive pregnancy test. Overwhelmed with emotions, "Genevive" asked for help to navigate through her situation. With the support of the clinic, "Genevive" chose life and placed "Grace" for adoption! Encouragement and support helped save the life of sweet baby #2,835, "Grace!"


Time stood still when “Anna” realized she was pregnant with baby #2,813, "Avery." Trying to determine her next steps, “Anna” went online to research her options. In her search she discovered HC and was put in contact with a life-affirming clinic. Her parents joined “Anna” at her appointment, determined to encourage her to choose LIFE for her unborn. As “Anna” discovered she had her parents assistance, as well as classes and material help provided by one of HC’s participating clinics, “Anna” decided she was more than capable of choosing LIFE for her baby! Let’s celebrate that “Anna” will readily welcome “Avery,” into the world in 2015!


“B” couldn’t believe she was pregnant with baby #2,784. Rather than tell her child’s father, she went online and looked for abortion information. “B” found HC instead and made an appointment with a life-affirming clinic. Nurse “J” talked with “B” during her visit, and continued to follow up after her appointment. “B” resisted at first, but soon welcomed the assistance and encouragement “J” offered. And it paid off! “B” decided to face pregnancy with the help of those around her and will soon welcome baby #2,784 into her family!

2765 & 2766

Twins win for “M” as she welcomes baby girls #2,765 and #2,766 into the world! “M” ran to the bathroom alone only to confirm her greatest fear: she was pregnant. A mother to a child under one, and having dealt with a bad prior pregnancy, “M” wanted to put an end to her second pregnancy. She went online and looked for abortion information. Fortunately her search led her to HC first, and ultimately to a life-affirming clinic. At her appointment, “M” realized her failing marriage and her fears of mothering her second child were no reason to consider aborting. “M” was given an ultrasound, where she discovered she was having twins!


“A” took her difficult situation and decided she was determined to choose LIFE for baby #2,736! “A” shook her head in disbelief when she realized she was pregnant. With two children already “A” felt she had to make the dreadful decision to abort. “A” went online looking for a clinic, but a search lead her to Human Coalition, who scheduled her appointment at a nearby life-affirming clinic. “A” talked about adoption but didn’t think that option was right for her. And after weighing an abortion to choosing LIFE, “A” felt determined that she could make it work. “A” decided to embrace the highs and lows of mothering baby #2,736 instead of losing one of her children to abortion.


The mother of baby #2,685 chose love by choosing LIFE for her babe! When “H’s” husband found out she was pregnant, he urged her to research her options. In the midst of her online search, “H” found Human Coalition and ultimately a life-affirming clinic. During her appointment, “H” shared her and her husband’s fears about parenting with the clinic’s staff. After sorting through her thoughts, “H” felt confident in her life decision. She knew that the life of her child would only strengthen the love in her marriage. We’re so proud of “H” for choosing LIFE and love for her unborn baby — baby #2,685!


One quick online search for "abortion" eventually led "K" to choose life for baby #2,620. "K" dropped her positive pregnancy test and her boyfriend ran to the Internet to look for ways to solve her "problem.” HC found them in their search and directed "K" and her boyfriend to a life-affirming clinic. Together they went and heard their baby’s heartbeat, proclaiming "we're going to try and keep the baby!” With a relationship on the rocks, the center offered counseling and put them in contact with other charities who help men and women in their situation every day. "K" and her boyfriend took the assistance offered and chose LIFE for baby #2,620!


Determined not to follow in her mother’s footsteps, “M” chose LIFE for baby #2,609! With a post-abortive mother of her own, “M” was certain abortion was her only option. She took to the Internet to look up her options, and discovered HC. Our team paired her with a neighboring life-affirming clinic where she was shown her first ultrasound. “M” faced an internal battle as she thought of the LIFE of her unborn child. Living with a friend, rejected by the baby’s father, “M” felt she was stuck. “M” returned to the clinic to watch a video on how an abortion is performed, she wrote a list of pro’s and con’s of her options, and shared her fears of how the decision would affect her mentally. After hearing the testimony of the nurse at the clinic, “M” was certain she too could mother her child. “M” chose LIFE for her child and has returned to the clinic for diapers, wipes, sleepers, and socks!


“S” sat alone in disbelief as she stared at her first positive pregnancy test. Denying the reality of her situation, “S” went online to research her options. It was that search that led her to Human Coalition and a participating life-affirming clinic. “S” reluctantly scheduled her first appointment, and arrived to find a staff ready and waiting to help. “S” and her boyfriend “J” saw their first ultrasound and chose LIFE for their sweet baby, #2,573! “S” and “J” enrolled in parenting classes and are eager to meet their firstborn!


“M” took the time to think about her decision, and chose LIFE for baby #2,475! Battling what to do with her unexpected pregnancy, “M” went online to look up abortion information. Rather than booking an appointment at an abortion clinic, “M” found HC and made an plan to visit a life-affirming center. During her appointment, she received a sonogram but it was too early to see her child. Fortunately, “M” received counsel that encouraged her and her boyfriend to wait to make a decision on next steps. At a follow up appointment, “M” was able to see her unborn child and was so grateful she waited. It was then that “M” chose LIFE for her sweet little babe — child #2,475!


“G” conquered her fears and chose LIFE for her second child, baby #2,392! Already a mother of one, “G” felt too overwhelmed to accept that she was pregnant a second time. Rather than embrace the opportunity of motherhood, “G” went online to research her abortion “options.” HC was there in her time of need and helped pair her with a life-affirming clinic in her area instead. At her first appointment at the clinic, “G” was able to see her healthy, fourteen week old unborn son! “G” realized baby #2,392 was never a “choice” to be made, he is her son — She chose LIFE!


At first, pregnancy seemed too scary for “L”, the mother of baby #2,362. After her first trip to the hospital, “L” learned she was facing her first unplanned pregnancy. She went home and got online looking for abortion information, fearful she wasn’t prepared to have a baby. “L” discovered Human Coalition there instead, and she made an appointment at a nearby life-affirming clinic. During her appointment, “L” learned about the maternity resources that are available to her, and she realized she could face the highs and lows of this — and any — pregnancy surrounded by support. “L” braved the odds against her, and is a proud mother to baby #2,362!


The very sight of her child made “M” choose life for baby #2,347! Her boyfriend’s nearing deportation made “M” determined that abortion was her only option. She decided to go online and look for information, but found Human Coalition was there for her instead. “M” wanted to avoid the ultrasound, but decided it would be best to visit a life-affirming clinic. Once she saw her child, “M” knew that abortion was no longer up for discussion. “M” bravely chose life for her sweet baby — baby #2,347!


Facing her first unexpected pregnancy, “S” surprised herself by choosing LIFE for baby #2,326! Convinced she wasn’t prepared to carry her pregnancy to term, “S” went online looking for abortion information. She was greeted by HC and offered an appointment at a life-affirming clinic instead. “S” accepted. She received her first ultrasound, spiritual mentoring, and prayer. It was then “S” decided that regardless of her “options”, LIFE was THE choice for the life of her sweet baby. Congrats to “S” and for her bold decision to parent her firstborn, #2,326!


At first confused, but now determined to parent, the mother of baby #2,314 chose LIFE!

“H” was surprised as she stared at her positive pregnancy test. Rather than seek counsel, she went online alone searching for abortion information. HC met “H” there in her time of need and instead pointed her to a nearby life-affirming clinic.

Hesitant to have an ultrasound, “H” quickly realized how excited she was to learn the sex of her baby! As she watched her baby move across the screen, she asked if her boyfriend could see — together they chose life!

“H” and her boyfriend will return for parenting classes to give their best to baby #2,314!


#2,260 was once called a “mistake,” but now she’s her mother’s “sweetheart”! After a positive pregnancy test, “M” went online looking for a way out. Scared, she searched with her boyfriend for abortion information in her area. “M” was connected with HC and directed to a neighboring life-affirming clinic. After hearing her baby’s heartbeat, “M” proclaimed “that’s my sweetheart!” The center provided “M” with the medical care she needed — empowering “M” to choose LIFE for her first child!


With loved ones by her side, “D” has chosen LIFE for baby #2,242! Staring at a positive pregnancy test, “D” was terrified of what her boyfriend and mother might say. She opened her computer in private and began her search for abortion information. There she connected with HC and scheduled an appointment at a life-affirming clinic. At her first appointment, “D” was able to see her unborn baby and wondered how she’d ever considered abortion. “D” told her mother and boyfriend and was surprised at how supportive they were! “D” plans to stay in contact with the clinic and introduce them to baby #2,242 in the coming months!


Happy with her decision, the mother of baby #2,227 chose LIFE! Her first time considering abortion, “L” went online looking for abortion information. HC found “L” searching and instead offered her an appointment at a nearby life-affirming clinic. There “L” learned her options, the risks of abortion, and saw her child for the first time. “L” decided her 4 year old deserved to meet their sibling, and she enrolled in Medicaid support classes at the clinic! Support, encouragement and truth win for “L” and the life of baby #2,227!


Love and compassion helped save the life of #2,153! “L” looked online for abortion information, and was greeted by HC instead. She received the information she needed to make an informed decision. “L” was taken back by the experience at the center and thanked the clinicians for showing her the LIFE growing inside of her! To show their support, the center plans to throw “L” a shower to celebrate her bold decision!


With the support of her family, “D” chose life for baby #2141! Determined to end her unplanned pregnancy alone, “D” went online looking for abortion information. She was met by HC, and put in contact with a neighboring life-affirming clinic. There she received care, counsel, and the encouragement she needed to tell her family the news. “D” was surprised by her family’s overwhelming support, and she proudly told her 9-year-old daughter that she’s going to be a big sister! Life wins for “D”, her daughter, and her newest addition!


Though she was taken by surprise, “G” chose life for baby #2,132! Not expecting a positive pregnancy test, “G” went online searching for abortion costs and procedures, as well as resources if she decided to keep her baby. There she found HC, and was put in contact with a life-affirming pregnancy center. During her visit with one of the nurses, she was taken back by her candidness about her own experience having an abortion. After hearing the staff member’s testimony, “G” decided LIFE was the only choice!


A former mother of two, “L” is now ready to embrace motherhood to number three — baby #2,127! Tired of her dependence on others, “L” went online to find alternatives to having a third child. Fortunately she came into contact with HC first and was partnered with a nearby life-affirming pregnancy clinic. There, “L” shared her fears: “separated from her boyfriend,” “just started a new job,” “ready to do things by herself” — all which faded away when she heard how her third had already developed. “L” realized that no matter how great her fears, her child’s life should be her primary focus. Today we celebrate “L’s” brave decision for LIFE, and the mark her third will now have a chance to leave!


Human Coalition and "A" celebrate the life of another beautiful baby — #2113! An unexpected pregnancy to her own mother, "A" could not believe that she, too, was facing her own unplanned pregnancy. She went online looking for abortion answers, and was directed to one of HC's participating life-affirming centers. After "A's" first visit at the center's mobile unit, she became hard to reach. The center staff faithfully tried "A" by phone to see how she was processing the news of her pregnancy. "A" finally answered and shared her appreciation for everyone's concern for her child. She said all it took was the visit at the center's mobile unit — where she received love, compassion, and the sonogram of her baby — to know that LIFE was the only answer!


Baby #2,096 is on the way thanks to her parents’ sacrificial love! When “L” called an HC participating life-affirming center, she was distraught. She told a staff member that her husband did not want her to keep the child she was pregnant with, and despite wanting to keep the baby, she felt pressure to terminate the pregnancy. “L” was specifically looking for information on the cost of an abortion. The staff member speaking with “L” explained that the center was not an abortion clinic, but encouraged “L” to come in and ask more questions about her other options. Because of their conversation and the additional support she received, “L” was able to confront her husband and together the two worked out their issues regarding the pregnancy! Now, “L” and her husband are looking forward to becoming parents. Praise God!


Ultrasounds save lives, and baby #2,073 is proof! “C” visited an HC participating life-affirming center, convinced she wanted an abortion. Despite her resolution, she agreed to have an ultrasound. “C” was surprised to find out she was already 10 weeks pregnant. The picture of her baby moving made her excited to become a mother for the first time, and as a result, she has now decided to keep her baby! Give thanks that we have the power and tools to provide mothers with the first look at their child.


“T” has two little girls, and the father of her unborn child has three boys. Having this many children is already overwhelming, so she told a staff member at an HC participating life-affirming center that she doesn’t want to have any more kids. Thankfully, her appointment changed everything. “T” was given an ultrasound where she saw the little arms and legs of baby #2,065 for the first time. Suddenly, she felt differently about bringing another child into the world, and she could no longer go through with an abortion! “T” has now not only made a profession of faith, but is also pursuing parenting classes. Encourage “T” with a note below and say a prayer of thanks for God’s work in the lives of her and her baby.


Baby #2,031 is alive thanks to the selfless love of her mother, “D”! “D” had been separated from her husband for one month and had a 9-month-old son when she discovered she was pregnant again. Although she didn’t believe in abortion, she considered getting one due to the complications in her life. Fortunately, “D” sought counsel at an HC participating life-affirming center. The center gave her the support and encouragement necessary for her to selflessly choose life for her baby!


“S” told a staff member at an HC participating life-affirming center that she was hurting. After having a child pass away in a car accident, she was heartbroken and overwhelmed by her current pregnancy. “S” had never had an abortion, so staff members worked to make sure she was aware of the risks and financial costs associated with a second term abortion. Due to the support and encouragement she received, “S” is now keeping baby #1,982!


“M” learned she was pregnant just when her relationship with her boyfriend began to struggle. She was already working to support him and was afraid a pregnancy would strain their relationship even more. Thankfully, “M” found an HC participating life-affirming center and scheduled an ultrasound appointment. She was surprised at the development of the baby and the first time she heard his heartbeat, she immediately changed her mind about going through with the abortion. Now “M” is determined to choose life and is working to reconcile her differences with baby #1,973’s father!


Baby #1,942 is happily on the way with a bright future ahead of her! When 17-year-old “A” discovered she was pregnant, she knew immediately she did not want an abortion. “A” and her boyfriend decided together to make an adoption plan, but when “A” told her parents, they felt strongly that their daughter should have an abortion. “A” stood strong in her decision, and fortunately her mother called an HC participating life-affirming center to receive more information for her daughter. After an appointment at the center, “A’s” parents told their daughter they would support her in whatever she decided. Thanks to their support and “A’s” determination, another life has been saved!


Baby #1,940 proves that no circumstance makes it too difficult for life to triumph! “S” is a single mother with a nine-year-old son. At her first appointment with an HC participating life-affirming center, she told a staff member that while she didn't initially want to have an abortion, the father of her baby has a heavy drug use problem. She didn’t want to bring a child into that environment. ... See More


“C” called an HC participating life-affirming center angry and frustrated that she was pregnant. She said she wasn’t ready and just wanted the pregnancy to be over. A staff member convinced “C” to come in for an ultrasound appointment. The opportunity to see her baby girl alive and well convinced this mother to keep her baby! We are thankful “C” took the opportunity to listen and ask for advice. Now, baby #1,900 is on the way!


Look at cutie #1,894! “S” had five children when her husband left her. Without a job, she became overwhelmed by the thought of another addition to her family. Fortunately, “S’” family members strongly supported her throughout pregnancy. She contacted an HC participating life-affirming center where she received good counsel. Now, “S” is confident not only in her support system, but also that she made the right decision by choosing life!


Baby #1,855 proves no mistake is too great to discredit the right for life!“A” found an HC participating life-affirming center in a panic. She was about to get married, but the father of her unborn child was not her fiance. “A” told staff members at the center that she wanted an abortion immediately, and never wanted anyone to know she had been pregnant. Fortunately, the life-affirming center talked “A” into getting an ultrasound. They discussed the risks of abortion with her as well as her other options. As a result of their support, “A” now believes that no matter her past decisions, the best option for her future is to choose life!


Today is another day where we can rejoice in life saved - below is baby #1,826’s story! “N” contacted an HC participating life-affirming center early into her pregnancy. She had a three month old and told a staff member she was very concerned about her finances with another baby on the way. “N” wisely wanted to learn about all of her options, however, and asked many questions about the aborti...See More


Today, we’re excited to bring you the story of one incredible father willing to stand for the life of Baby #1,806! When “N” found out his girlfriend was pregnant and considering an abortion, he called an HC participating life-affirming center on her behalf. She did not want to talk to anyone and her mind was set. “N” remained determined though. With the help of a staff member at the center, “N” had enough information after two phone conversations to convince his girlfriend of the importance of life. He clearly and graciously communicated his unwillingness to support an abortion to the mother of his child. Together, “N” and his girlfriend have chosen life!


The amazing technology of a sonogram helped save beautiful baby #1776’s life! “Y” and the father of her baby were completely set on having an abortion when they called an HC participating life-affirming center. The couple spoke with staff members at the center looking for information on where and when to have an abortion procedure completed. “Y” had no idea how long she had been pregnant, so ...See More


Baby #1747 is on the way thanks to the support and encouragement from one HC participating life-affirming pregnancy center! When “M” found out she was pregnant for the first time, “M” and her fiance initially agreed that abortion was the right decision for them. They were both working long hours, and had not planned on becoming parents anytime soon. “M” reached out to an HC participating life... See More


Despite pressure from people and circumstances in her life, “D” knew she could only have peace by choosing life for baby #1733! When “D” visited an HC participating life-affirming pregnancy center, her boyfriend was pressuring her to have an abortion. “D” was working and in school, and her boyfriend already had a child of his own. It just wasn’t the right time for them to grow their family, he s... See More


Baby #1,694 is alive and well thanks to a mother’s thoughtful questions at an HC partnering life-affirming center! When “M” became pregnant, she didn’t have support from her family nor her baby’s father. While she didn’t want to have an abortion, she felt stuck and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Fortunately, she reached out to one of HC’s partnering life-affirming centers, and began asking questions about having an abortion. During her appointment, “M” asked a staff member if her baby would feel pain during an abortion. She understood from the beginning the humanness of her child no matter the developmental stage of her pregnancy. Staff members at the center explained to “M” the immensely painful procedure of abortion and encouraged her to trust that choosing life would not only be the right choice to make, but also a blessing. “M” is now scheduled for a sonogram and ready to take care of and celebrate the life of her unborn child. SHARE this post if you’re thankful for “M’s” wise decision!


When young “K’s” friend called an HC partnering life-affirming center, “K” was in crisis. Her severe morning sickness made it difficult for her to do anything. Her friend shared with a staff member that “K” was not ready - emotionally or physically - to have the baby. Instead, “K” wanted an abortion. After learning more about the life-affirming center, however, “K’s” friend made an appointment for her. Following her visit to the clinic where staff members told “K” more about abortion procedures and risks as well as the options for life, “K” changed her mind! She even asked for a copy of her sonogram photo to give to her grandmother. This young mom left the clinic with information on OBGYN support and agreed to make an appointment to treat her nausea and pre-natal care. Now, K is planning on taking parenting classes offered through the center, and she’s better prepared to handle her pregnancy and become a new mom! Thank goodness for life-affirming centers like the one “K” visited who are well equipped to provide for and support young mothers.


We are amazed and grateful for the heart of Baby #1662’s mom. Their story proves life is worth protecting. When “G” found out she was pregnant, she was unsure of how far along she was. She visited an abortion clinic to receive an ultrasound, and although she was already past 25 weeks, she was referred to a place where she could get a late-term abortion. “G” didn’t feel good about this idea, and fortunately, reached out to an HC partnering life-affirming center. A representative talked to “G” about her options outside of abortion. Although this mother of two was very scared about her future, she listened openly. She asked for support from the life-affirming center because she didn’t have much family support of her own. “G” knows she has people who will be there for her and can rest assured that her baby will live!


A mother’s love overcame her fear of the future and saved baby #1634’s life! “S” was pregnant again and afraid to tell her husband due to the couple’s financial constraints. They only planned for one child, and this second pregnancy seemed to throw everything into the unknown. Fortunately, “S” spend time to think before going through with an abortion. After visiting an HC partnering life-affirming center, she knew that despite her concerns about money, her baby’s life was most important. COMMENT below to show your appreciation for mother’s like “S” who choose life over circumstance


Thank goodness for loving, pro-active grandmother’s who care enough to step in save lives like that of Baby #1562.When young, teenage “E’s” mother found out her daughter may be pregnant, she took “E” to the hospital immediately. “E” did not want to tell her mother or the doctors the truth, yet results showed that she was expecting. Concerned for “E”, her mother called an HC partnering life-affirming center to schedule an ultrasound for her young daughter. It’s because of the support of this loving grandmother, that we can celebrate the life of Baby #1562 today! Celebrate by SHARING this story with your friends.


Despite difficult, scary and despairing circumstances, “G” knew the right thing to do was keep her third child, Baby #1460. “G” is a single mom with two toddlers. She became pregnant with her second child after being assaulted, but felt like she needed to keep the baby. When she found out she was pregnant the third time, however, “G” wasn’t so sure. Struggling to provide for her family and dealing with the stress and effects of the assault she endured, “G” began looking for answers. Thankfully, she made contact with an HC life-affirming center where staff members were able to listen caringly to “G’s” fears and concerns. Although “G” has faced and will continue to face many difficulties, she is now confident that protecting her family is the most important decision she can make. SHARE this post to inspire others through “G’s” determination and selfless love for her family!


Baby #1422 is on the way! With her mind set on abortion, “B” called an HC partnering life-affirming center looking for answers. She listened patiently as a staff member explained abortion was not her only option, and agreed to come into the center to learn more about what parenting would look like. Now, “B” is excited to become a mother! She has remained in contact with the life-affirming center and is participating in a program to prepare for her baby’s arrival. “B’s” story reminds us that when communicated in love, words of life can change the mind of any scared or unsure mother. SHARE this post to remind others to offer support and love to mothers and families considering abortion.


Baby #1409’s story provides the perfect example of the resolution and strength of one courageous mother. When “P” contacted an HC life-affirming center, she was very upset. She told a staff member that she did not believe in abortion, but felt trapped by her situation. Divorced with two children, the father of her unborn child had already stated he would never marry her if she continued the pregnancy. His abandonment was devastating to her and her other two children. “P” said she wished she could make everything go away and move on with her kids. She had every right to be worried for the future of her unborn baby. Without the support of the father and rather his complete condemnation for the birth, “P” feels alone and isolated. Yet “P” is a very brave woman. Because of the support and love offered through HC’s partner, she has valiantly decided to keep baby #1409! “P” and baby #1409 are an inspiration to us and to other women contemplating abortion. SHARE their story if you agree!


Baby #1398 is on the way! “T” is a single mom of three. Her 3-year-old child was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and the father of her unborn child wants nothing to do with “T” or her family. Despite these challenges, she has decided to give her fourth child life rather than choosing an abortion. She received the information she needed at an HC partnering life-affirming center to make the correct decision for her family. SHARE this post if you’re excited for “T” as she continues to raise and love her children, including baby #1398!


Greetings and glad tidings to Baby #1394, whose story is a wonderful way to begin 2014! When “F” discovered she was pregnant with her second child, she knew the baby was not her husband’s. Scared and seriously considering abortion, “F” contacted an HC life-affirming center. She attended her appointment looking for answers, and we are thankful to announce she not only received the loving support she needed in order to choose LIFE for her baby, but also made another life-changing decision to accept Christ as her Savior. We are so excited for “F” and the new hope in her life. Please pray for her and her family as they begin to act on these amazing and courageous decisions! SHARE this post to encourage others in this New Year!


Wave hello! Baby #1385’s story reminds us of the difference love and support can make for an otherwise fearful mother. After taking two at-home tests to confirm her pregnancy, “L” anxiously began looking for options online. Human Coalition connected her with a partnering life-affirming center via phone where she inquired about the cost of an abortion. A staff member at the center took the time to pursue “L,” suggesting the mother come in to the center for an appointment. “L’s” visit gave her the opportunity to discuss her fears openly. Although she may still not feel ready for motherhood, “L” now knows she has the support of people ready to care for her and her child throughout the rest of her pregnancy. LIKE this post if you’re thankful for “L” and baby #1385!


Look at this little squish! The mother of Baby #1364 chose to overcome many obstacles in order to give her child life! When “S” made contact with an HC partnered life-affirming center, she was calling for information on abortion. “S” is married with four children, and neither her nor her husband were interested in growing their family further. One of their children has medical problems requiring frequent hospital and doctor visits -- an added stress financially and emotionally. “S” also admitted to staff members at the center she was worried for her baby’s health because she had taken drugs during her pregnancy. Any one of these problems would be difficult to bring a child into the world with, yet we are so thankful “S” now knows that the opportunity for life is the first step in confronting and beginning to move forward even when things are difficult. Share this post if you are excited for “S” and her entire family to continue moving forward because of the choice of LIFE.


Today we bring you an amazing story of grace told through baby #1,355! “K” speaks little English and was looking for an abortion clinic, when she was instead able to make contact with an Human Coalition partnering life-affirming center. K agreed to visit the center for a free ultrasound, test, and more information about the impact having an abortion could have on her life. During her appointment, she told the staff she previously had an abortion. While the guilt from this past decision could have made it easy for K to go through with another abortion, the hope and encouragement she received from the center convinced her otherwise. We are so excited K has decided to keep her baby!


We couldn’t be more excited to share baby #1348’s story with you today! “M” was almost 18 weeks pregnant when she walked into the doors of a partnering HC life-affirming center in search of answers. It was there that she was provided with a sonogram, giving “M” the chance to meet her baby for the first time. She decided she did not want to go through with an abortion procedure! Now M is attending classes at the Center to help her prepare for the arrival and future well-being of her child. LIKE this post if you’re thankful for life-affirming centers who care enough to walk side-by-side through pregnancy with mothers like M!


Look at that yawn! We are delighted to announce baby #1344 is on her way! As a deaf mother of a four, K struggled to keep up with her little ones. When she found out she was expecting a fifth child, she was overwhelmed with self doubt. An Human Coalition life-affirming center was able to give K counsel and encouragement. All K needed was a reminder of her own personal worth, now she can’t wait to introduce her kids to their new little sister! Please SHARE K’s story to encourage others to give counsel and love to those facing similar trials.


Despite being worried for her future, the young mother of baby #1332 courageously recognized LIFE should always take precedence over fear. C was at a party when she became pregnant. Her mother contacted a partnering HC life-affirming center expressing her concerns for both her and her daughter. Despite financial struggles and concerns about the responsibilities that come with young motherhood, both C and her Mom have decided the right decision for everyone is to keep the baby. SHARE if you’re thankful C recognizes that a hard decision can be the best decision when it means standing for LIFE.


The eternal love of family made all the difference to Baby #1323! With the father of the baby encouraging abortion, G called her sister, desperate for support. Together, they contacted Human Coalition and were able to visit a life-affirming center for an ultrasound. The sisters grasped each other’s hands and wept tears of joy as they witnessed the movement of the newest member of their family, a baby they both immediately loved! SHARE this post if you are grateful for the people in your life that are always there to hold your hand!


Introducing the heroic life save story of mommy “Marley” and baby #1,315! "Marley" originally contacted Human Coalition thinking she might be pregnant due to a possible sexual assault. We set up an appointment for her at a neighboring life-affirming center, where she openly shared her concerns. Marley was set on abortion and, in fact, never planned to willingly pursue motherhood. Due to an irregular cycle, and confusion as to the time of the assault, Marley believed she might have been around 18 weeks pregnant. The center performed her first ultrasound, and to everyone’s shock — Discovered she was 30 weeks along! This discovery dramatically changed her options and her emotions on the situation. In a follow up call the next day, Marley explained she had decided to pursue adoption. However, within a matter of weeks, Marley went into pre-term labor and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In a conversation two weeks after the baby's birth, Marley shared that being a parent was officially her BEST option! Please SHARE Marley’s story and join us in prayer for her new little family!


After looking into all of her options, the mother of baby #1,307 decided that NO abortion is truly safe. D knew she eventually wanted to have more children, but felt she was already struggling to raise her one. Rather than rush into a decision, she went online to do her research. It was there she read what surgical abortion entailed — the pain that could be involved, and the complications she could face in future pregnancies, associated with having multiple abortions. After speaking with a staff member at a partnering HC life-affirming center, she realized there truly was NO quick, easy, and painless abortion. D knows now her best option — is to care for and love her unborn child! SHARE this post if you are thankful D has wholeheartedly embraced motherhood a second time around!


Sometimes closing one door in our life opens the door to a brighter future — as it did with baby #1282! When T first called to confirm her pregnancy, abortion was not on her mind. The father of the baby was a man she loved, and she was excited to share the news with him. However, when he found out they were expecting, he demanded she visit an abortion clinic. Instead, T went to a life-affirming center where helping hands were there to inform and support her. T realized the consequences of losing her child were far more damaging than losing her boyfriend. SHARE this story if you know that when God shuts a door, something better is always around the corner!


God’s love and faithfulness are evident in the story of child #1263. J was set on getting her tubes tied when she first found out she was pregnant. A devout Christian, she struggled to see God’s plan in this startling change of events. An online search led J to Human Coalition, and we were able to talk to her about her options and hear the tears as she was reminded of Jesus’ love for her and her child. J decided she would carry and keep this child she was destined to parent! LIKE this story if you were given a child God made just for you!


We are delighted to announce baby #1257 is on the way! C, a single mom, loves her only child unconditionally. When she found out she was pregnant once again, she feared having another child would lessen the quality of life for the child she already has. Luckily, the abortion clinic was unable to schedule her appointment and she called Human Coalition instead! Now, she realizes another child will only double her love!


To protect the LIFE of baby #1247, all that J needed was a nudge in the right direction. J was convinced she didn't believe in abortion, until she was faced with her own unplanned pregnancy. With limited resources and a weary heart, she called Human Coalition to see if there was a better opportunity for her and her child. We were able to ease her mind and give her the right connections to ensure that she would not have to face this journey alone or without support! Show you support J, and her brave decision, by sharing this message of hope with friends!


We are delighted to announce that baby #1242 is on the way! Q was in shock when she found out she was expecting a child. When looking at her life, she couldn't think of a way to fit a baby into her busy schedule. She decided on abortion, but pleas from her mother combined with a call to Human Coalition helped her get an ultrasound appointment. After seeing the presence inside of her, she knew the LIFE of this baby wasn't an option, but a done deal. Now she and her mother are moving furniture into the nursery, anxiously awaiting their new arrival!


There is solace in knowing that everyone can learn from their mistakes. Six years ago, C had an abortion. Now, with 11 month old twins in tow, she discovered she was again pregnant and unprepared. With a heavy heart, she scheduled her abortion appointment. But she couldn't follow through with it. She rescheduled for another time. Again, her heart kept her from taking, what many would say, was the easy way out. C has decided to proudly parent her third, and will be blessed with another set of arms to hug her tight!


Today, we hope you are encouraged by the story of mother #1168! H’s husband left soon after he found out she was pregnant and still hasn’t returned. When HC first reached out to her, H was pursuing abortion in her distress and loneliness. Now, after a few counseling sessions, H has found the inner strength to breach this emotional barrier and carry and her precious baby full term! Want to help us reach mothers considering abortion? Donate to the Human Coalition cause.


We are thrilled to announce that baby #1161 is on the way! S was just 18 when she found out she was expecting. Initially happy to share this gift with her boyfriend, her feelings shifted when he demanded she get an abortion. She decided to “take care of” the situation quickly by looking up abortion clinics in her area. Human Coalition intercepted her search and, with the help of her local LIFE-affirming clinic as well as the support of her parents, S has decided to keep her baby!


Sometimes the greatest form of bravery is standing up to those who are closest to us. Such is the case for the mother of baby #1142. When L found out she was pregnant, she was given a choice — abort the baby or lose her boyfriend. She bravely chose her child. Then her family became involved, pushing her to have an abortion. Still, L stood strong in her conviction and is keeping her baby! We are so happy to stand with mothers who courageously defend the lives of their preborn!


We are delighted to announce that the mother of baby #1131 has decided to keep her child! T was struggling to make ends meet when she found out she was pregnant. Shocked by the added financial burden of having a baby, she was led to believe that abortion would be her only option. Thankfully, Human Coalition was able to step in and help her understand she had other options to help her become financially stable and ready to become a mother. Mom is now enrolled in classes that will help her and baby for years to come!


Parents were set on abortion, but now are set on LIFE for baby #1,105! J and her boyfriend felt they were at a crossroads: graduate on time or have their baby. Battling with the decision, both went online together to research their options. HC intervened and directed the pair to a life-affirming center where they were able to see their baby on ultrasound. After realizing a life they created was bouncing around inside, the answer was obvious: They confidently made the decision for LIFE!


We are delighted to announce that child #1083 is scheduled for delivery! P was stranded. Her parents had just moved out of state when she found out she was pregnant. P had a very rough childhood and didn't want her own child to relive that hardship. However, after learning about the abortion process, she realized that any life was better than no life at all! P and the father of the baby now know they can make that difference in her child's life! Thanks to your continued support, another LIFE was saved!


Let’s not let the mother of child #1078 stand alone! With a 5th child on the way, K thought she couldn’t do it all on her own. Through HC, her fears were calmed and she was given the aide she needed to welcome another child into the world. With the help of your donations, another child was saved!


Mother of child #1074 faced the insecurities and fears of pregnancy — and conquered them! B felt like the world was crashing down around her. Payments were due, her relationship was falling apart, and becoming pregnant was not in her plans. However, abortion terrified her too. What would the pain be like? Would she ever be able to have a child again? HC stepped in and coached her through her options. B immediately knew that even though she was scared, she only had one choice — LIFE!


A greater power was at work when it comes to the story of child number #1045. H was determined to get an abortion. She wanted to terminate early, quietly, and without an ultrasound. She drove to the abortion clinic for her appointment, but miraculously, was unable to find a parking spot. Flustered, she called HC and was welcomed with compassion and helpful information. With HC's help, she decided to keep her baby and become the newest advocate for LIFE!


We've got two big celebrations coming up for mother of baby #1038! L was planning her wedding when she found out she was going to have a baby. Her fiancé was living in another state and she was too terrified to tell her parents about her pregnancy. Feeling overwhelmed and alone, L looked into abortion as a way out. Instead, she found an HC life affirming clinic. Seeing her ultrasound was a positive experience and now she is excited to announce a wedding in October and a baby soon after!


It's not always easy, but mother of child #1030 makes it clear that LIFE is the right choice. R has four children and the announcement of a fifth on the way overwhelmed her. Living in unstable, crowded housing, she was unsure if she could welcome another child into the world. After seeing her babies ultrasound at an HC life affirming center, nightmares about abortion haunted her sleep. R took a leap of faith, enrolled in HC support classes, and chose LIFE for her unborn child!


A young mother chooses LIFE for baby #1025. J wanted to finish her senior year. After much thought, she believed abortion was the only option open to her. She began to search the internet for abortion clinics, but HC found her first. When her ultrasound showed a healthy 24 week-old, J realized this child was not destroying her future, but giving it meaning. With her boyfriends support, J choose LIFE!


The father of baby #1,021 chose LIFE for his child! A, a mother of two, convinced herself that if she were pregnant with a third, the baby's father would throw in the towel. HC intervened online as she searched for "abortion" and led her instead to a life-affirming clinic. The father went with A when they discovered she was 8 weeks pregnant — To A's surprise, the baby's father advocated for LIFE. Together, they will be parenting their third!


Announcement: Baby #1,015 will be joining us in 2014! Mother of baby #1,015 went online to search for "abortion." Our team at Human Coalition directed her to a nearby life-affirming clinic where she shared her fears/concerns about her unplanned pregnancy. The mother returned two weeks later for an ultrasound and couldn't deny the LIFE being formed in her womb. She chose LIFE for her baby!


Celebrate with us! Mother of baby #1,010 chose LIFE! Cared for and encouraged by a nearby life-affirming center, the mother of baby #1,010 decided to face the unknown and enter into the realm of motherhood. Rather than buy into the lies that she was unfit to be a mother, Andrea decided that LIFE for her daughter should not be determined by her marital status — That her commitment to the life of her child was worth far more than a momentary act of selfishness. We are grateful to be a part of Andrea and baby’s story — both today and for years to come.


Equipped and empowered, the mother of baby 965 chose LIFE! Michelle went online searching to schedule her abortion. Fortunately, Human Coalition found her first and paired her with a neighboring life-affirming clinic. Michelle showed up to her first appointment very apprehensive, but was comforted by the center's staff. There she received an ultrasound, prayer over her child, counsel, and information about parenting alternatives. Michelle realized that even if she wasn't able to mother her baby, another loving family would be happy to. Michelle chose LIFE.


Abortion no longer an option for the mother of baby 955! Having terminated her first pregnancy, Audra was convinced she could do it again. She went to the internet to find a local abortion clinic but was instead greeted by HC. Audra was paired with a life-affirming clinic and her thoughts slowly changed. She realized that motherhood was a gift, and that her baby needed her then more than ever. She closely watched the sonogram and decided she couldn't make the same mistake twice. Audra chose LIFE!


Another story worth celebrating — the LIFE of baby 945! Victoria was facing her unplanned pregnancy alone. The baby's father abandoned them both after learning she was pregnant with her second. Determined to terminate the pregnancy that left her stranded, Victoria went online. A search for abortion re-directed her to HC. We paired her with a life-affirming center that shared stories of countless women who once walked in her shoes. She truly wasn't alone. That reminder changed her mind . . . Victoria chose LIFE.


Another success is never worth less — Let’s share our joy for the LIFE of baby 935! Monica was a mother of one, or so she thought. But the signs were clear—she was pregnant. Instead of turning to family, Monica turned to drugs and the Internet. HC found Monica online searching for “abortion” and suggested she speak with a nearby PRC instead. She agreed, met the volunteers, cleaned herself up, and decided her sister was best fit to raise her baby.


Sonograms change minds and save lives! Abortion somehow seemed like the only option to the mother of baby 925. The fear of being judged and disowned led her online to search for "abortion." Human Coalition interceded and paired her with a life affirming center filled with women she could trust. The mother received her first sonogram and sat amazed at the sight of new life. Staring at the screen she realized, "that's my baby." Today, we're proud of the mom of baby 925 for choosing LIFE for her child!


The mother of baby 890 said YES to LIFE! No stranger to abortion, Kim went online for the third time to search for a local clinic. This time HC got to her first. We paired her with a life-affirming center, and were updated as her mind slowly changed. Wise counsel, a sonogram, prayers, a Bible, and follow-up conversations led Kim to say NO to abortion.


Baby 885 has been saved from abortion! Alyssa panicked when she realized she might be pregnant. She searched online for the next thing that came to mind: “abortion.” Online For Life found find her first and redirected her to a life-affirming clinic. Alyssa's pregnancy test came back positive. She quickly regretted her initial search for “abortion” and was glad HC was there instead!


Hearts changed and another LIFE was saved! The father was convinced he was financially incapable of providing for his child. The mother was scared of what her family would think of her. Together they went online to find a way to terminate the pregnancy. HC found and directed the pair to a local life-affirming center. There they openly shared their fears, and heard the stories of many who once walked in their shoes but have successfully carried-to-term and made great parents. Mom and dad chose life for baby 880!


Another LIFE is affirmed — Join us in welcoming baby 875! It all starts with a pregnant mother that turns to the Internet looking for: an alternative to pregnancy, a quick fix, answers, hope, support. HC meets these women in their distress, and partners each mother with a nearby life-affirming center. There they receive: counsel, prayers, an ultrasound, resources, encouragement . . . hope. And more often than not, these mothers choose LIFE. Because HC was there when they were searching for "abortion." Because a life-affirming center was ready and willing to stop and help. Because HC's prayer partners prayed each mother through their visit at the clinic. That is what continues to save lives. Celebrate with us for the life and family of baby 875!


The HC team celebrates! Baby 870 is almost here! Kendall looked at her pregnancy test in disbelief — pregnancy was now her reality. She considered telling her friends, but instead turned to Google for answers. Kendall hesitantly searched "abortion" and was relieved to be greeted by the HC team. Paired with a nearby life-affirming center, Kendall learned help was only a phone call away. The new mom plans to attend parenting classes and offer her baby the LIFE he/she deserves.


Share the LIFE save story of baby 860 with friends! Abortion was no stranger to Alexis. She went online to search for "abortion" just like she had done twice before. But this time, something was different — Human Coalition was there waiting. We introduced Alexis to a partnering life-affirming center. For the first time, she discussed options OTHER than abortion. Alexis heard her baby's heartbeat, received counsel, prayer, and was offered follow-up support. Alexis chose LIFE.


Start off your weekend with a story worth celebrating—Baby 855! Clueless about the abortion procedure, Anne went online. While hunting for a clinic that could put an end to her second unplanned pregnancy, Human Coalition saw her search. We met her in her distress. And we paired her with a life-affirming center. There Anne was shown an ultrasound, and informed how a baby is aborted. Her heart broke that she once considered abortion an option . . . Anne vowed from that day on, she'd stand with HC and the PRC, for LIFE. And for that, we will be forever grateful to the team at her local PRC.


LIFE wins tonight for Baby 850! The mother of baby 850 went online determined to put an end to the rumors; Convinced that no one needed to know she was, in fact, pregnant. Fortunately, her search for "abortion" led her to HC instead. She skipped her first appointment, but knew she needed help. Paired with a nearby life-affirming center, she faced her fears alongside a team that cared. An ultrasound was performed, and the mother realized the LIFE she carried was a gift—not a secret.


Ready for good news this morning? Baby 785 is on its way! Tired of dealing with her unexpected pregnancy alone, the mother of baby 785 decided enough was enough and went online. HC met her in her need, and pointed her to a neighboring life-affirming clinic. Surrounded by encouraging counsel, her heart changed, and her baby was saved!


LIFE saves are steadily climbing—Now up to 775! Fearing judgement, the pregnant mother of baby 775 decided she would privately seek counsel online. She was welcomed by HC and escorted to a nearby life-affirming office. Rather than discuss abortive options, she was listened to, prayed over, and offered an ultrasound. After hearing her baby's heartbeat and feeling her baby kick, she knew the only option worth choosing was LIFE!


The number of LIFE saves are rapidly rising! Rejoice for baby 760! Like most first-time mothers, Sarah was no different . . . She feared her ability to parent, provide, and the critics she would face. Sarah went online looking for options from a non-judgmental, listening ear. Technology and compassion allowed HC to greet her with open arms. Sarah’s local life-affirming center assured her that she’s a perfectly capable mother. After a sonogram, receiving prayers, and affirmation that she is not alone, she chose LIFE! Sarah and her firstborn will join us this year!


Prayer saves LIVES! And the number grows to 705! After facing countless positive pregnancy tests, mother of baby 705 turned to Google in search of parenting alternatives. The HC team greeted her and steered her away from the neighborhood abortion-determined clinic. She instead met and prayed with nurses at one of HC’s partnering life-affirming centers, but left undecided. The tugging at her heart to parent persisted—she listened, and chose LIFE!


TWO lives were saved: Mother AND baby 698! She was a college grad planning for law school. She had the world at her fingertips. She discovered she was pregnant. She went online not knowing what she’d find. HC appeared and paired her with a life-sustaining clinic. Clinicians prayed with the mother, and after hearing her baby’s heartbeat—she had a change of heart! She accepted Christ into her LIFE, and chose LIFE for her baby!


**Mom and baby 695 celebrate their right to LIFE!** Feeling empowered by her right to choose, a young mother went online searching for abortion possibilities and was found by our team at Online For Life. We quickly connected her with life-affirming nurses, with whom she discussed her options. After receiving a sonogram and learning of the emotional repercussions post-abortive women face, the young woman decided her choice: to be the best mother possible to her son.


Another child's LIFE has been saved from abortion! Kayla discovered she was pregnant and searched online for "abortion clinics". Online For Life intervened and arranged for her to meet with a life-affirming clinic instead. There she learned that the HC team had been praying for her safe arrival. In that moment, she chose LIFE for baby 691!


Let’s kickoff the week with a LIFE save! All, welcome baby 683! Lana sat in silence as she learned of her pregnancy. Afraid of sharing the news, she went to Google on the hunt for a “nearby abortion clinic”. HC found her instead. A once abortion-determined mother chose LIFE after she met with her local life-affirming center. Lana shared the news with surprisingly supportive parents and plans to attend motherhood classes.


Baby 680 defeats the abortion pill! Convinced she couldn’t parent a second, Laura resorted to the abortion pill.... yet her belly continued to grow. Unsure of what might be wrong, she went online to find a nearby abortion clinic - The HC team found Laura first - We quickly paired her with a life-affirming center where the ultrasound revealed she was actually halfway through term. Laura immediately regretted her original abortive actions, and rejoiced as she discovered her baby chose LIFE!

668 & 669

LIFE wins for a set of TWINS! A timid mother facing an unplanned pregnancy was welcomed by Human Coalition when she went to the Web looking for options. Our team quickly paired her with a nearby life-affirming clinic, where her barriers crumbled. Comforted by the nurses, she shared the story that lead her to that moment, and the fear that assured her abortion was the only option. During ultrasound, she discovered she was carrying not one, but TWO blessings inside. Rather than assume control and choose abortion, she handed over the reins to God and instead chose LIFE. Before departure, she thanked the center for HC's intervention, stating that had she not connected with HC . . . she would have terminated her pregnancy. What a team effort for saving the lives of babies 668 and 669!


LIFE wins yet again, and the stories are pouring in! After losing her first child during delivery, Kate feared following through with her second. Curious about her options, Kate went Online looking for LIFE and found HC. Our team quickly paired her with a local life-affirming office where Kate decided that circumstances were irrelevant . . . LIFE was the only option for baby 652.

637 & 638

Can you believe it?? Twins saved! Her intentions wavering, a mother with an abortive family history went online looking for resources. HC connected her with the local life-affirming center where she learned her options and received a sonogram. She was shocked to learn she was carrying twins! Rather than follow her family's abortive footsteps, she decided to offer her babies a future by choosing life.


Your prayers helped save baby 647! In the midst of battling with a bad break-up, the young girl broke down as she learned of her pregnancy. Feeling hopeless, the mother went to the Web looking for a quick fix. Before she could locate her nearest abortion clinic, the HC team paired her with a nearby life-affirming center. She watched in shock as the ultrasound unveiled her baby’s heartbeat. Her eyes were glued to the screen. Adoption was discussed, but the mother knew the baby she carried was given to her for a reason.


Another life has been saved! A previous abortive mother discovered she was pregnant with her second and couldn’t decide how to proceed. Scared and confused she went to Google searching for options. There, HC paired the mother with her local life-affirming center. New to the ultrasound, the mother saw her second child inside and knew she could never abort again. She now anxiously awaits the arrival of her baby, and is grateful for the change of heart.


Life wins for baby 633! A young mother became self-aware of her choices as she tested positive for pregnancy. Alone and scared, she went online and was greeted by the for life team at HC. Paired with her local life-affirming center, she realized she called for an abortion, but found love and compassion instead. She believes that God intervened on her behalf and now knows that He has a plan for this baby.


Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement today! We truly believe that YOUR love and prayers are what helped to save baby 618!


Humbled by a heartbeat—the mother of 612 will welcome her baby this year! An abortion-determined mother went to the Internet looking for the nearest clinic, and was instead greeted by the team at HC. After being routed to the local life-affirming center, she hesitantly spoke with a nurse, watched her first ultrasound, and had a change of heart!


A forty year old mother was fearful of her ability to provide for another and went to the Internet searching for hope. HC faithfully greeted the mother and paired her with a local life-affirming center. There, a nurse discussed her options, prayed with her, and shared her baby's first ultrasound. After seeing the healthy baby inside, the mother decided she would do whatever it takes to make it work. Would you join with us in prayer and praise this evening for the life of baby 613?


A mother and father determined to abort went online looking for the nearest clinic, and were instead routed to a nearby life-affirming center by the HC team. Upon hearing their baby's heartbeat, neither parent could believe they ever considered abortion as an option! We are grateful for the parents’ change of heart for baby 609!


After a failed attempt to miscarry, a mother went online looking for an alternative. HC re-directed her to a nearby life-affirming center. After receiving counsel and a “Before you Decide brochure,” mother scheduled OBGYN appointment and decided to carry to term! Join us in welcoming baby 603!


600 LIVES SAVED! An abortion-minded girl went online searching for abortion costs, but was instead greeted by the HC team and routed to her local life-affirming clinic. Even after seeing her ultrasound, the mother was convinced terminating her pregnancy was the only option . . . until the father and three siblings entered the room and started shouting in excitement! The mother left the clinic with a change of heart, and shared with the nurse that their family will do whatever it takes to make it work!


Groundhog day fact: baby 595 will show their face in 2013! An abortion-minded mother and father went online searching for abortion costs, and were instead greeted by the HC team and routed to their local life-affirming clinic. The mother of three was hesitant to view the ultrasound, as her family had convinced her that mothering her fourth was not an option. The nurse counseled her through the process, and mother completed ultrasound. Upon seeing her baby kick, the mother realized her baby was anxious to meet their mommy!


The sonogram wins again for baby 592! A confused single mother was convinced that abortion was her only option. She took to the Web looking for clinics and was instead welcomed by the HC team, and partnered with a nearby life-affirming center. After receiving an ultrasound and sharing the experience with family, she knew she was not alone. She embraced motherhood and celebrated that the baby inside would soon join the family!


Baby 579 will make his/her grand debut this year! A first-time mom, Kelly feared losing her career and becoming a single parent. She went to the web looking for answers, and HC faithfully paired her with her local life-affirming center. After receiving counsel and a sonogram, Kelly decided her baby deserved nothing less than life. We are grateful for her change of heart and sense of responsibility.


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