“Sarah” seriously considered getting an abortion, but ultimately she decided that LIFE was the best choice for her son, “Clayton” — Human Coalition Baby #4,742! When facing her first unplanned pregnancy, Sarah turned to her mom for advice. She said she’d be supportive of Sarah no matter what decision she made. Sarah wondered if her child would be better off if she aborted him rather than bringing him into the world without a father and with a financially unstable mother. Rather than decide too quickly, Sarah went online to research her options and found Human Coalition. She immediately called the number and made an appointment at a nearby life-affirming pregnancy center. During her appointment, Sarah shared with one of the center’s compassionate caregivers that she’d already met with her gynecologist and was seriously considering an abortion. But, she wanted to discuss all of her options first. After meeting with the center’s staff on several occasions, Sarah decided she didn’t need everyone to agree with her decision to do what was right — and she chose LIFE!