“Tiffany” chose “Leon,” HC baby #5,042 — for LIFE!
After discovering she was pregnant, Tiffany immediately went online to research her options.
Feeling alone and scared, she was tempted by the voices in her head that said she should abort. Instead, Tiffany picked up the phone and dialed the number that offered to help.
She heard a calming voice on the other end of the line and made an appointment with one of HC’s clinics.
But during her appointment, fear once again consumed her.
Tiffany argued that abortion was her only hope for normalcy, and she asked for an abortion referral.
The staff politely reminded her that abortion services are not referred or provided, as she’d been told before she made her appointment.
The nurses remembered how it felt to be in her shoes, and they helped Tiffany identify the source of her frustration and sort through her feelings.
After receiving continued counseling and encouragement from the HC clinic, Tiffany faced her fears and took a stand for baby Leon’s life!