After weeks of going back and forth, “Jen” found herself in the waiting room of an abortion clinic.

This wasn’t what she wanted, but nothing was working out. She was in a dead-end job with minimal benefits, and getting nowhere on receiving government assistance. On top of that, the father had no interest in helping her raise a child.

Tears filled her eyes as she filled out the paperwork and read what they were going to do to her baby. She glanced up, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“I wanted to look around the room and make sure nobody was judging me… but I was the only one crying,” she remembered.

And the waiting room was far from empty.

There were some women who had come with their boyfriends. Others were quietly sitting by themselves. She was particularly saddened to see some young girls who appeared to be there with their moms.

Finally, Jen’s name was called, and her consultation began. She received an ultrasound and was told that with how far along she was, a suction abortion would be necessary. Her stomach churned at the thought of the procedure.

“I knew that… but hearing it was even more gross,” Jen recalled.

She asked if it would hurt, and they assured her they could hook her up to an IV and she “won’t even know a thing.” She would just float away, and then it would be over.

Upon leaving, Jen was required to make an appointment. The decision was made, and in just a few days, she would have an abortion.

Then, Jen got the call that changed her life.

The Call That Changed Everything

Jen had just returned from the abortion clinic and was still very emotional from the experience. Her phone started ringing, and she reluctantly answered. On the other end was one of Human Coalition’s Virtual Clinic staff members. Weeks earlier, Jen had reached out to the Virtual Clinic to discuss her options.

Jen was honest with her and said that her mind was made up, the appointment was scheduled, and she wasn’t keeping the baby. The clinic staff asked if that’s what she wanted to do and reminded her that she still had options.

Something changed for Jen over the course of the conversation.

“I think it was their empathy… I could really feel it in their voice that they cared,” she said. “I’m not used to anybody really ever wanting to help me.”

After that conversation, Jen felt at peace and capable of choosing life for her child. In the days and weeks that followed, the Virtual Clinic staff continued checking on Jen and connected her to resources for Medicaid applications, prenatal care, affordable daycare, utility assistance, and even free baby clothes.

Choosing Life Despite COVID-19

Soon after her decision for life, another challenge came: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jen could have let the fear and anxiety that came with the pandemic draw her back toward abortion. However, now fully equipped with the team from Human Coalition behind her, Jen continued on her path to bringing her baby into the world.

Today, Jen is only weeks away from giving birth but can’t wait to meet her daughter! She shared with us that she recently started a new job and her grandparents are now walking alongside her.

Moreover, she has remained in consistent contact with Human Coalition’s Virtual Clinic, who has helped with her physical, emotional, and tangible needs throughout her pregnancy.

“I just tell them what I need, and then they’ll send me an email with multiple different links,” she said.

Your Gifts Make the Virtual Clinic Possible

The COVID-19 pandemic has made Human Coalition’s ability to provide comprehensive care virtually even more important than ever before. With the Virtual Clinic, a woman in need is transferred to a nurse to begin counseling and care almost immediately after placing the call.

And after the first phone call, our nurses take the important step of following-up. They take the time to reach out and let moms know that they are thinking about them and praying for them. They let moms know that they have options other than abortion, and that they will have a whole team ready to support them long after the pregnancy and birth.

For Jen, a follow-up call from the Virtual Clinic came just in time. It showed her that someone cared for her and her needs. It showed her that someone would be willing to help her navigate the challenges she was facing. It meant life for her daughter, even during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your generous giving to support the Virtual Clinic is truly making a difference in the lives of moms like Jen, and their children. If you want to give hope to more families during this pandemic, click here:

Thank you for your commitment to ending abortion and protecting rescuing families from abortion!