Life wasn’t working out the way “Adonia” had planned. In the hopes of getting back on her feet financially, she had moved to the Atlanta area for a job that held much promise. Unfortunately, the job didn’t pan out the way she’d expected, and she found herself struggling to make ends meet. 

When her home pregnancy test result was positive, her first reaction was to get an abortion. After searching online for information, she called Human Coalition’s Contact Center and talked with one of our trained call agents. Longing for someone to talk to, Adonia poured out her heart, fears, and anxiety. The agent spoke compassionately with Adonia and set up an opportunity for her to visit our women’s care clinic the next morning.  

During her initial appointment, Adonia again talked through her fears with one of our clinic staff. Financial stress, singleness, and a lack of support were the primary reasons why she wanted to have an abortion.  

But then she received her free ultrasound and met her preborn baby for the first time. With a strong heartbeat and wriggling limbs, Adonia’s child seemed to be showing off. Adonia’s resolve to abort was now shaken. 

Our staff met with Adonia and outlined a practical plan that would help make having a baby possible. For weeks we followed up with Adonia, reminding her that we are here for her. Finally, Adonia admitted she could no longer ignore her heart’s desire. She chose life for her baby!