In Her Corner

Allani once feared what life would be like after a life decision. Having been forced out of the house by her adoptive mother, she wondered how she could provide even the basics for a baby when she was homeless and on her own.

Allani found out she was pregnant during an appointment at Planned Parenthood. When she left, they gave her nothing but a brown bag filled with pamphlets. Stressed and feeling even more alone after experiencing the indifference of the Planned Parenthood staff, Allani called our mobile women’s care clinic, which she’d passed while walking home from school.

During her appointment, Allani saw her baby waving on the ultrasound monitor, and she learned she was 18 weeks pregnant. Allani vowed she would be for her baby the birth mom she’d never had.

In June 2017, Allani pulled her baby girl, Alayah, close for the first time and studied her tiny features.

“The first time I held her changed everything, because I wanna succeed for her so she doesn’t have to go through things and not have people in her corner.”

Our Care Coordinators equipped Allani with the resources she needs to be the mom Alayah deserves.

Soon after Alayah was born, Allani connected with Roxanne through our mentorship program. Roxanne said she thought “it was time for someone to step in and come alongside [Allani].” Now two years later, Roxanne is still in Allani’s corner.

Alayah is constantly graduating to a new shoe size, and she’s added several words to her vocabulary since she said her very first word: “Mama.” Earlier this month, Alayah held up two fingers and made a hearty toddler attempt at blowing out her birthday candles. Alongside Allani, we celebrate Alayah’s life. From making sure Alayah has enough 2T clothes to following up on Allani’s educational progress at college, one thing is sure: We are continually in their corner.

With plans to pay it forward, Allani persists in her goal to become a teacher.

“I want to be there for people who have nothing, who came from nothing, who felt how I felt. I want other people to know they’re not alone.”

We are constantly grateful for your steadfast prayers and financial support.

Thanks to you, women like Allani find the support they need through lasting relationships that are developed to positively influence the next generation.

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