A senior in high school, “Allie” was wholeheartedly pursuing her academic goals with hopes of attending an out-of-state university… until an unexpected pregnancy derailed her plans. Without hesitation, Allie decided she could not simultaneously pursue her academic goals and parent a child, so she decided to take the abortion pill to terminate her pregnancy. 

At first, her boyfriend seemed ambivalent about the pregnancy. But as time went on, he made it clear that he did not support Allie’s choice to abort. So he was relieved to learn the abortion pill didn’t work. 

That’s when the couple visited our women’s care clinic. After meeting one-on-one with a trained member of our staff, Allie and her boyfriend watched an education video about their child’s development. Then they met their child for the first time via ultrasound, and they left our clinic with pictures of their baby in hand. 

Our staff followed up with Allie and introduced her to the Continuum of Care program that would provide her with the resources she’d need to parent her child while still pursuing her dreams. 

Thanks to your unending support, Allie had the necessary support to help her parent a child and continue her academic career. On behalf of Allie and her child, thank you for your commitment to provide life-affirming, Christ-centered care to at-risk women in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. We greatly appreciate you!