“Annie” was in distress.

She and her verbally abusive boyfriend had just broken up, and she was pregnant. Frustrated with herself, she wondered how she could be so reckless. The thought of raising her baby alone felt overwhelming.

Annie was living in the United States, while her family was back in her home country. They were supportive of her pregnancy, but they were thousands of miles away. She had their support from afar, but she needed support in her own backyard. She knew that navigating her first pregnancy was going to be challenging enough, but doing it alone seemed impossible. Where was the person she could call on the phone or text at any given moment when she had a question about her pregnancy? Or who could she share all the emotions she was feeling with?

Alone in her unexpected pregnancy and with no one to turn to, she couldn’t help but feel foolish. Foolish for the way things ended with her boyfriend. Foolish for allowing herself to get pregnant. Foolish for being in this situation. And now she felt abandoned.

Deep down she wanted to have her baby, but her circumstances made her feel that abortion was her only option. Annie went online and searched for an abortion, but instead found the number for the Human Coalition contact center and decided to call. Once on the phone, Annie was immediately transferred to a nurse and was able to explain her concerns and desires further.

I can’t be a single mom.

I can’t do this alone.

I need help.

The nurse started by addressing the issue of Annie’s safety and was able to refer her to a local organization that assists women who have suffered abuse. After talking through the realities of the abortion procedure, the nurse walked her through options other than abortion: parenting and adoption.

Annie was also connected with a social worker who was able to offer other resources through the Continuum of Care program. This was aimed at helping Annie feel safe and prepared to mother her child and included resources like counseling, housing assistance, and parenting classes. Together, the nurse and social worker assured Annie that she wouldn’t be alone in her pregnancy and that they would walk with her through the pregnancy and beyond the birth of her baby.

The conversation helped a lot, but Annie was still unsure of what to do. The decision felt so weighty and the thought of being alone in her first pregnancy still dominated her thoughts. Annie decided to visit the Human Coalition brick-and-mortar pregnancy center to see her baby for the first time during an ultrasound. 

She began to cry.

“I’m a mom,” she thought as she placed her hands on her stomach.

In that one moment, everything changed.

Seeing her baby and hearing her heartbeat made Annie’s reality of motherhood feel even more surreal.

Still unsure of how she would support her baby, she knew she couldn’t go through with an abortion. 

Throughout her pregnancy, Annie stayed with a close friend and remained in close contact with her care team, who continually provided her with support and encouragement.

Six months later, Annie delivered a healthy baby girl! After getting out of the hospital, Annie brought her new bundle of joy to the pregnancy center. Her care team held and played with her daughter before loading her car with a lot of essentials, including diapers, wipes, clothing, and formula. After Annie left, she sent this text message:

“I’m glad I went to your office before I [made] my decision. I’m glad I did it. I was so scared to be a single mom, but this ultrasound literally has changed my decision and my life. It’s not easy every day but I’m so happy with her. Thank you so much for everything you all are doing and [may] the Lord bless all of you and give you strength and patience to help girls like me. I really love all of you.”

That love Annie has for her care team, she also has for you. Thank you for being there for Annie! You are the support system she was looking for in her own backyard. There are many moms out there like Annie who have not yet found the care and resources they need to confidently choose life. Your support during an unexpected pregnancy can make a huge difference in the life of a mother and her child.

You too can join in the vision to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. Your support today ensures that the next mom seeking an abortion is reached with the help and hope she needs.  And that means her baby can be saved from an abortion before it’s too late. Learn more about what the next mom seeking an abortion is facing here >>