On July 20, a woman called one of our affiliate pregnancy resource centers in Texas through Human Coalition after discovering she was pregnant. She spoke with a volunteer counselor for several minutes and then hung up.

The next day the woman called back and agreed to come in for a pregnancy test and sonogram on the 22nd.

When she came in the following day, the center gave her the sonogram – she was 21 weeks pregnant. Previously, the woman was convinced she needed an abortion.  But when she saw the very developed baby, spoke with the counselors about the life growing inside her, and realized that abortion is the taking of an unborn life, she changed her mind and decided to carry the baby to term and parent the child!

These true testimonies never get old to me.  Human Coalition started less than two years ago, but has already worked with our affiliate pregnancy resource centers with great success.  Over 280 appointments at our affiliate centers have been scheduled, 156 of them have been kept, and 79 babies have been rescued from abortion.

One of Human Coalition’s unique characteristics is its ability to find and connect with the most difficult cases – women and men who have already decided to abort their child.  If you were to ask any of our affiliate centers, they would tell you that Human Coalition calls are the most difficult calls they receive – yet they are the people our centers most want to see.

The first question asked when an Human Coalition client calls one of our affiliate centers is normally, “How much do you charge for an abortion?”

The work that these centers do is difficult, emotional, hard work. They deal with aspects of life and death that many of us rarely see.

Continue to pray for our affiliate centers and all other pregnancy centers that are courageously fighting for Life day in and day out.

We are launching two new programs this month in PA and are excited to expand up north.  We have another five centers on our waiting list.  Would you like to help us open those new programs up so that more lives can be saved?

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