“Breena” visited our women’s care clinic after talking to a Human Coalition Contact Center agent she found through an Internet search. Although she wanted to have children someday, now was not the right time. She’d just graduated from high school, she was working a minimum wage job, and her boyfriend was convinced that having a baby would be irresponsible. Breena still lived at home; and though she had a good relationship with her parents, she was terrified to tell them about her pregnancy.

Within hours of talking to the call agent, Breena walked through the doors of our women’s care clinic. She met with one of our trained caregivers; and through her tears Breena explained that she wanted to keep the baby, but the timing and her current circumstances did not seem conducive to raising a child.

Our clinic staff introduced Breena to the myriad of resources available to her through our Continuum of Care program. We could help her find a better paying job, craft a livable budget, secure affordable housing, and even purchase a car. In other words, we’d work earnestly to dismantle any obstacle that stood in the way of her choosing life.

During her appointment, Breena met her baby for the first time via ultrasound. The baby was already big enough for her to see the tiny arms and legs waving, and the heartbeat was vibrant and strong.

Breena still believed abortion was the better choice, but she agreed to come back to the clinic and work with our staff to create a budget to help her become financially stable.

It was through constant communication and ongoing mentorship that Breena’s heart began to change. The turning point came when she found the courage to tell her family about the pregnancy. To her surprise, they were supportive and encouraged her to choose life. So she did.

Fear is often the biggest hurdle to choosing life. At our women’s care clinic, we link arms with each woman, calming her fears and building her up emotionally so she feels empowered to choose life.

Meeting a distressed woman where she is and providing for her spiritual, physical, and emotional needs is what sets Human Coalition apart. Thank you for supporting our mission as we compassionately tend to abortion-determined women in the Triangle.