Today, “Callie” is a happy mother of a baby girl. But only a few months ago, she was pregnant and searching online for abortion-related information.

Callie is like many of our clients. Her heart wanted to parent her child, but every significant person in her life was pressuring her to abort.

She wondered whether her loved ones were right. Was abortion the answer? What if she defied their wishes and carried her baby to term? Would everyone abandon her to raise this child alone?

Callie’s online search for abortion-related information led her to get in touch with Human Coalition’s Contact Center, and the person she spoke with scheduled an appointment for her at our women’s care clinic in Raleigh. During her first visit at the clinic, she shared with one of our caregivers all the thoughts that were swirling around in her head. And seeing her baby on the screen during the ultrasound only made her more emotional and added to her confusion. She left that appointment feeling undecided about whether she would abort or carry her baby to term.

In the days that followed, our staff stayed in close contact with Callie and often spoke with her on the phone. We encouraged her and helped provide the resources to meet her needs.

Over time, our helping hand and encouraging voice telling her we knew she could do it made her feel empowered. Her confidence grew, and she realized she was capable of taking on any challenge—including the beautiful challenge of motherhood.

We’re thankful for Callie’s bravery and for the little girl she now holds in her arms. And we’re grateful for your support as we work to rescue more precious babies from abortion and serve more mothers and families in Raleigh.