“Camryn” suspected she might be pregnant, but she wasn’t sure. A friend suggested she visit our Human Coalition – Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic for a free pregnancy test. After confirming her pregnancy, our Care Coordinator met one-on-one with Camryn, helping her map out a plan for her future. That’s when Camryn admitted she was considering an abortion.

With four small children at home, Camryn and her husband were struggling to make ends meet, and another child would only put added strain on their already tenuous relationship. She confessed that just the thought of an abortion filled her with dread, but what choice did she have?

With compassion, our Care Coordinator assured Camryn we’d be there for her and her family at every step of the pregnancy and beyond.

A glimmer of hope appeared in Camryn’s eyes, but it was the ultrasound that softened her heart toward choosing life. There on the monitor, Camryn saw what looked like the faint glow of two very tiny beating hearts. Twins!

“Come back next week so we can get a better picture of your babies,” we told her. With sonograms in hand, Camryn left that day feeling shocked by the possibility of twins, yet excited to share the news with her family.

When she returned the following week, she received another ultrasound, which clearly showed the two lives within her. How would she manage two more babies?

Our staff drafted a plan to help Camryn and her husband access the things they’d need to welcome their babies into the world, including assistance with obtaining health insurance, doctor referrals, and résumé enhancement. We even connected them with a local church, which “adopted” this sweet family and threw a baby shower in their honor.

Human Coalition is dedicated to providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every man and woman who walks through our door. We’re not just pro-birth; we’re pro-life in every sense of the word. That’s why when a woman like Camryn comes to us afraid and confused, we speak truth and love into her situation, helping her overcome the obstacles that seemingly stand in the way of her choosing life for her child.

Today, thanks to your prayerful and financial support, Camryn and her husband have been blessed by the arrival of their two baby girls – and they couldn’t be happier.